The Garden Reflections Home at Gregal, Curridabat, offers a unique blend of modern lifestyle with meticulously chosen materials to stand out. It stands out for its fresh and naturally lit areas filled with sunlight. Its balanced design by renowned architect Federico Castro goes beyond typical home spaces. Its crafted outdoor firepit takes the center stage of the house, surely taking recreational time to a different level.

This exceptional home redefines outdoor living, providing the ideal setting for memories with family and friends around its custom-built firepit. From cozy evenings under the stars to lively gatherings, this enchanting space not only adds a touch of elegance but also becomes the heart of your home.

Tere SilvaTere Silva, LX Costa Rica
Firepit Home at Gregal

Outdoor stepping stones lead the way from the home’s terrace to its custom-built open-air lounge area. This features a beautiful central firepit in an irregularly shaped firepit table, designed to serve both as a functional outdoor table and as a source of warmth and ambiance. This centerpiece is coupled with a comfortable sitting space characterized by its beautiful faux brick veneer.

It’s a heartwarming home with an ideal family distribution.  I love the location because it provides quick and easy access to the best of the east side of San José.

Maria Alexandra Gutierrez, LX Costa Rica

Gardens embrace the space by indulging it in its green landscape. The carefully curated landscape not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area but also fosters a deep sense of peace and tranquility.

Outdoor lights transform it into a cozy, safe haven for entertainment. These gentle luminous accents not only illuminate pathways but also cast a warm, inviting aura around the space. The play of light and shadow creates an enchanting ambiance, making your garden the perfect spot for intimate gatherings and lively reunions.

The Garden Reflections Home at Gregal offers this private, exclusive nightlife right in its backyard, calling for a future family to give it new life.

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