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How is the healthcare system in Costa Rica?2024-05-01T18:54:35-06:00

Costa Rica’s healthcare system is among the best in Latin America, featuring a mix of public and private options, particularly concentrated in the Central Valley. It offers affordable care—costing a fraction of U.S. prices—with many English-speaking doctors trained internationally. Private healthcare facilities are continually upgraded, enhancing quality and accessibility.

How can my clients integrate into the culture after moving?2024-05-01T18:49:30-06:00

To integrate into the local community after moving to Costa Rica, clients should embrace the “Pura Vida” lifestyle, learn basic Spanish, and delve into the local customs and traditions. Joining expat communities, participating in local events, and enjoying the cuisine can also help them connect with both locals and fellow foreigners. Adapting to the relaxed work culture and understanding traditional greetings will enhance their experience, which is sometimes the hardest transition to make.

What are the biggest challenges for expats when they first move to Costa Rica?2024-05-01T18:45:10-06:00

The biggest challenges for expats moving to Costa Rica include the language barrier (despite a lot of spoken English), adjusting to cultural differences, and differences in infrastructure. Despite these challenges, many find the slower pace of life, focus on sustainable living, and access to stunning landscapes offer a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle worth the differences in their home country.

How is the investment and real estate market now, post-COVID-19?2024-05-01T18:42:23-06:00

Post-COVID-19, the market has seen a robust recovery, attracting international investors with its resilient economy and increased demand for luxury homes, particularly in less urbanized, scenic areas. With a 20% increase in construction activities and a surge in permits for homes over 200 square meters over the past year, Costa Rica will likely continue to be a magnet for foreign investors.

How does the luxury real estate market compare to other countries in the tropics?2024-05-01T18:40:31-06:00

Offering significant value, properties here boast luxurious amenities at a fraction of US and Western European costs, with expectations for continued growth into 2024 driven by economic expansion in picturesque beach towns and more secluded locations. The government here also makes it very easy for foreign ownership of property giving the same rights as local citizens.

How can I stay informed of new properties that become available?2024-05-01T18:23:25-06:00

You can sign up for property updates within the LX network.

What marketing materials can you provide to help us promote your properties to my clients?2024-05-01T15:24:40-06:00

We have an extensive asset library full of resources that help you easily start the conversation with your client about buying a home in Costa Rica. This includes videos, images, text, links and other marketing and sales materials that will support you in engaging your client.

Can I be the active agent with my client in their property search and transaction in Costa Rica?2024-05-01T15:17:11-06:00

Yes. You can represent your client for the buying side of the transaction as long as you accompany your client or representative during calls, visits, and negotiation. The LX team will help you during each step as we represent the seller side and guide you for everything you need in Costa Rica. Standard buyer-side commission is 50% of the total commission, which typically ranges between 5-6%.

How does the referral process work with LX?2024-05-01T15:18:47-06:00

There are a few ways you can work with LX and receive a commission.

  1. Make a referral through email or phone by contacting an LX agent.
  2. Bring your client down to Costa Rica.
  3. Come down to Costa Rica on behalf of your client.
What does my client need to know about taxes in Costa Rica?2024-04-30T19:04:42-06:00

Buyers should be aware of the property transfer tax, annual property taxes, and luxury home tax. Additionally, understanding municipal fees and capital gains tax for selling property is important.

What restrictions are there on beachfront homes in Costa Rica?2024-04-30T18:59:11-06:00

Costa Rica’s Maritime Zone Law states that the first 200 meters of beachfront land from the high-tide line is public, with the first 50 meters completely public and the next 150 meters available for lease under restricted conditions.

Does my client need an attorney for a real estate transaction?2024-04-30T18:53:07-06:00

Yes, it’s highly recommended to have an attorney for real estate transactions in Costa Rica. An attorney will ensure that all binding paperwork is in order, the seller has provided all necessary information for the sale, the property registry is updated and that all legal requirements are met for a secure transaction.

What legal considerations are necessary when buying property there?2024-04-30T18:19:28-06:00

Key legal considerations include ensuring the property has a clear title, verifying zoning and land use regulations, and understanding municipal regulations. It’s also crucial to confirm no liens or encumbrances affect the property.

Is a residency visa required to purchase property in Costa Rica?2024-04-30T18:10:42-06:00

No, a residency visa is not required to purchase property in Costa Rica. Foreigners can buy and own property with the same rights as Costa Rican citizens. However, you can become eligible for the resident investor visa. By purchasing real estate in Costa Rica, you’ll be able to apply for legal residency that will allow you similar residency rights as Costa Rican citizens.

What are the main legal differences between buying property in Costa Rica versus other countries?2024-04-30T18:14:29-06:00

In Costa Rica, property ownership rights are generally strong for both locals and foreigners. Unlike some countries, foreigners enjoy the same ownership rights as citizens, but all transactions must be registered in the national registry.

Should my client rent a luxury home before buying one?2024-04-30T17:58:59-06:00

Whether your client should rent a luxury home before buying depends on their preferences and comfort with relocating. LX agents can facilitate tours of premium rentals, allowing your client to experience living in Costa Rica firsthand before making a purchase decision.

Can we arrange an exploration trip to Costa Rica with my client to see properties and get familiar with the area?2024-04-30T17:51:26-06:00

We are ready to help when you are. The first step is to share your preferences regarding location, amenities, and property type with your LX agent. Whether you desire a community condo or a secluded estate, we then refine the search to showcase homes that align with your vision.

What are the most popular areas for expats to live?2024-04-30T17:11:46-06:00

Expats have settled in areas that include the Central Valley for its cool climate and amenities, the Pacific Coast towns like Tamarindo and Jacó for their beaches and vibrant communities, and the Nicoya Peninsula, known for its laid-back lifestyle and natural beauty.

What’s the best way to learn about the real estate market in Costa Rica?2024-04-30T17:09:08-06:00

The best way to learn about the real estate market in Costa Rica is by working with established local agents who possess deep insights and experience. LX agents, known for their extensive local knowledge, are invaluable resources for navigating the market effectively.

Do you offer virtual tours for international clients looking to explore properties?2024-04-30T17:04:39-06:00

Yes, we offer virtual tours allowing agents to guide clients through properties remotely, perfect for international buyers looking to explore luxury homes in Costa Rica from afar.

What types of luxury homes are available throughout the country?2024-04-30T16:57:40-06:00

Costa Rica offers a diverse range of luxury properties including estates, standalone homes, gated community residences, apartments, multi-family homes, fincas (farm properties), land lots, and commercial or industrial properties.

What if I’m a member of Leading RE or Luxury Portfolio International?2024-04-18T07:57:19-06:00

We love our agent partners already in the network and can accept referrals through those platforms easily.

What is the commission structure for referrals?2024-05-01T15:21:12-06:00
  • Referral commission ranges depending on the involvement of the referring agent. This lands between 20-30%
  • Total transaction commission is between 5-8%
How can I work with LX?2024-04-24T08:44:50-06:00
  1. Set up a video call for a live virtual presentation. The LX team will teach you about the luxury real estate market here, understand what areas and property types are best for your client, show you the full buying and legal process, meet our 100% Costa Rican team with deep local roots, and extend your knowledge base into one of the best places to invest in the tropics.
  2. Receive access to our learning hub resources that help you start the conversation with your client about buying a home in Costa Rica. This includes videos, images, text, links and other marketing and sales materials that will support you.
  3. Bring your client to Costa Rica for a tour of homes, or come for a visit on their behalf.
  4. Simply refer your client by email or phone. We’ll keep you informed throughout the entire purchase process.

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