In Costa Rica, a concession property is land owned by the government but managed by a private individual or company.

Concession properties are mostly found along the coast, making up about 95% of beachfront land. The first 50 meters from the high tide line are public, while the next 150 meters are concession or restricted land, meaning there are rules about what you can do with it.

The local government (municipality) allows the concession rights owner to develop and use the concession land in accordance with the zoning laws specific to that area and concession.  This way it stays accessible to everyone and protecting the environment.

Both Costa Ricans and foreigners can invest in concession property in Costa Rica, which helps the economy grow. Ownership of concession property in Costa Rica was traditionally limited to at least 51% of ownership held by a Costa Rican, but foreigners can also purchase a concession property, like a beachfront property, as long as they don’t own more than half of the shares in the company running the concession.

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It is crucial to understand the regulations around concession properties. Following the guidelines with the help of a professional lawyer can help you make the most of this opportunity while avoiding any potential issues. Overall, concession properties offer exciting investment possibilities and can make a positive impact on Costa Rica’s economy and society.

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