Luxury, design and technology. The Atmosphere Home team shapes more than design to craft life concepts that drive lifestyle. With a focus on functional comfort and tranquility, this LX partner provides world-class solutions for luxury home design in Costa Rica. They offer exclusive furniture, home accessories, interior design & space planing.

Atmosphere Home

The LX team sat down with Victoria Romano, Head Designer & CEO at Atmosphere Home, together with designer Mauricio Álvarez, to explore design and trends as they distill from the global market to the Costa Rica luxury homes and design.

When I feel fascinated by a piece, I convey its meaning. Why the piece holds value, why it means what it does… It’s more than just a piece; it’s a work of art.

Victoria Romero, CEO, Atmosphere Home

Interview: Beyond Design and Lifestyle with Atmosphere Home [in Spanish]

Customers come to Atmosphere Home seeking a solution for their homes- a concept of life. They look for a way of living with luxury and comfort, the ability to experience the tranquility that furniture conveys.

Currently, open spaces, large rooms, and sectional sofas are popular, encouraging group gatherings and family reunions. There’s not much division of spaces, as that could limit the sense of togetherness.

The company collaborates with designers who create exclusive accent pieces which add unique touches to the overall ambiance of rooms. Examples are small tables or lamps. These designers specialize in creating products for various brands, making their pieces like works of art.

Victoria Romero said: “When I’m enthusiastic and fascinated about a particular piece, I try to convey that to the client and explain why it holds such value and meaning. These pieces are more than just furniture; they are like works of art that Atmosphere Home can offer our clients. Ultimately, everything from the moment they open their front door is what Atmosphere can provide in terms of the complete living experience.”

Cohesiveness Through Design

The Atmosphere Home team drives a vision of cohesiveness in design. They prioritize open concept living, emphasizing the creation of unified, large, and interconnected spaces. The concept sets aside the notion of dividing rooms and instead focus on togetherness and communal experiences.

Atmosphere Home

By seamlessly integrating spaces and encouraging group interaction, it nurtures an environment of unity and harmony, redefining the way we inhabit our homes.

For instance, Victoria mentions the use of sectional sofas, beckoning people to gather and share moments in community.

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Atmosphere home

Meaning in Every Detail

Victoria highlights the importance of searching for and understanding the meaning of each element beyond the notion of mere materials. This is a key differentiator, as the Atmosphere team looks to collaborate with designers who are not just focused on crafting any furniture piece but rather specialize in accentuating certain aspects of the home. From tables to lamps and other intricate details, these become the centerpieces that set the stage and create distinctive ambiances.

Atmosphere Home

The team uses careful curation to seek out pieces with significance, transcending the concept of mere furniture to transform them into true works of art for each project.

Each piece becomes an exquisite expression of individuality, infusing the home with character and soul. It’s this profound attention to detail that transforms every residence into a masterpiece of design and luxury.

Moreover, Atmosphere Home seeks to offer a wholesome solution to homes from the moment of entrance to the wonders of every space.

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