Biophilia is the human instinct to connect with nature and the natural world. This has been an inspiration for art, travel and eco-conscious lifestyle. In the case of luxury home design, Biophilia helps bring the wonderful outdoors and Costa Rica’s natural elements into the living spaces of the home.

Being by the ocean or deep among the trees, inspires and even increases the production of the happiness molecule dopamine.

Living in the city without being completely removed from natural landscapes is a difficult juncture. In spite of this, it’s possible to find a midpoint between these seemingly irreconcilable poles. Especially, if the environment intended to be inhabited is, precisely, a tropical and practically virgin scenario such as Costa Rica.

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Only Nature

Designs with nature integrated into every detail in Costa Rica.


Bringing the feeling indoors

Taking advantage of interior design is an easy way to integrate biophilia into any space, however, the details are the foundation to achieving a clean and luxurious design.

Architecture can also play a key role. In Costa Rica, architects take advantage of the variety of scenarios in which nature can be easily integrated with panoramic views and abstract and open designs.

It is possible to bring the natural environment from outside using the right colors, decorations, and designs.

“In building a relationship with nature in our homes, we can begin making more thoughtful decisions about protecting our natural world, whether through sustainable design choices or our daily habits.”  – Sarah Bernard Design


Earthly Designs

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of spending time in nature – from reducing stress and anxiety to lowering blood pressure to increasing the production of the happiness molecule dopamine.

An example of a very organic attribution of meaning to nature within residences is the idea of alive sculptures. In these living works of art, the will of the artist is framed and controlled within a set of possibilities granted by nature.

Looking to the local flora and fauna is another way to pull textures, patterns, and colors into a space – anything from using natural wood and stone to a light that calls to mind the leaves of a ginkgo tree in the yard.

The color palettes range from greens to blues, yellows, and neutrals.

According to luxury specialist Tere Silva, the stimulation of the senses is key when decorating. The colors, textures, sounds, and smells must be part of the spaces that are inhabited. To explore this trend, it is necessary to do an internal analysis to connect with the elements of nature that give peace and calm.

When spending a lot of time at home, it’s easy to feel disconnected from our surroundings, so a biophilic design can help inspire those feelings of connection. There is comfort in feeling like a part of our greater natural world, and it also can serve as a reminder to cherish it.

For more on biophilia and sustainability in design and architecture, read the full article in “Biophilia in-home design brings the great outdoors inside“.

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