Personality, quality and design. Creating a space implies building experiences that adapt to particular characteristics of an environment, seeking to match the style of a resident. Recently, Melissa Lacayo, luxury property specialist, spoke with Karina Uriarte, partner of Disegno Casa, about the art of interior design and the current trends in the creation of spaces.

For Karina, the main thing when making design decisions is to create spaces that reflect the unique personality of each person and place. This means that when designing a space you must consider the unique characteristics of the place where it will be built, as well as clients’ needs and tastes. The idea is to create a space that feels like an experience and is designed to be functional and durable.

“The Disegno Casa process allows having a single guarantee for your home, with a single face, and without the need to go after different suppliers when a solution is needed” -Karina Duarte, Disegno Casa Partner

Disegno Casa

One of the biggest trends in interior design today is the use of fabrics and wallpapers to add character and style to a space. It’s important to choose quality fabrics and wallpapers that harmonize with the rest of the space and reflect the unique personality of its occupants.

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Depending on the type of space or the effect that you want to create, you can choose fabrics and papers with different textures, patterns and colors, looking for combinations that result in a harmonious and balanced environment. From soft tones and light materials for relaxing and calm spaces, to vibrant colors and bold patterns to create a more dynamic and energetic environment, there are options for fabrics and papers for each type of room.

Another way to ensure the unique personalization of a space in interior design is by integrating pieces that have sentimental or historical value. Karina comments on the growing desire of many of her clients to keep furniture or decorative items due to their emotional significance. In this way, a modern touch can be given to these elements using new fabrics, for example, allowing them to be renewed and updated.

In interior design, it’s not just about making a space look good, it’s also about making it functional and durable. Especially when it’s a space to rent or have pets or children at home, the quality of the materials plays a crucial role in durability and resistance to wear and tear.

One of the keys is to take into account the place of construction. Weather conditions, humidity, temperature and other factors can influence the materials used and the way different spaces are built. For example, it’s not the same to build in Guanacaste as it is in San José, so suitable materials must be chosen for each place.

Creating spaces is not a static process, but involves a combination of adaptation, integration and representation. It’s about understanding the needs and desires of the client, the environment in which the space is located and the possibilities offered by the design.

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