During the Covid 19 pandemic, LX Costa Rica continued to offer a full range of experiences for real estate clients from around the world and luxury properties in Costa Rica. Meetings, home tours and client visits in times of Coronavirus were just a little different with digital experiences.

LX adapted our efforts to stay digitally connected and help experience the details through online consultations, video tours, and in-person property visits on a limited basis…  

Online Consultation

1-to-1 virtual meeting

The meeting was coordinated with the LX Luxury Residential Specialist through any of the available platforms (Zoom, Meet, Whatsapp Video, etc) so there was two-way communication and, preferably, video.  The online consultation was typically held during the early stages of the client who is either seeking representation for their property or looking to buy or rent with the LX team.  The consultation ranged from basic company or process questions to in-depth conversations about specific areas, pricing, and other factors.  

Digital Tour

Self-guided online review

This was a self-guided property tour available 24/7 on the main LXcostarica.com website for luxury homes available for sale or for rent.  The client used available photography, video, and text on the main LX website or through our partners to gain an initial understanding of the property with digital experiences. 

Guided Digital Tour

1-to-1 scheduled digital tour

This was a scheduled online meeting with an LX luxury specialist.  The guided digital tour was usually scheduled through Zoom or Meet so there was multiple video capability and the LX Agent could share their screen.  The Guided digital tour could include other participants such as additional household members or other real estate agents.  The LX agent would coordinate existing photo, aerial drone footage, 360 images, and selected video to review the property with clients and answer any questions.  

Video Showing / Live Video Tour

1-to-digital showing from property 

This was a scheduled live showing where only the LX agent was present directly on the property or properties.  The LX agent coordinated all necessary access and delivered a personalized walk-through of the property and answered any questions on site.  This allowed for more flexibility and customization of individual video shooting.  This was usually done in real time vía interactive livestream of video and audio, but if either side had internet connectivity problems this could be done asynchronous vía a series of video messages. 

Showing on-property

1-to-1 live showing on property

This was the better-known property visit involving an LX luxury specialist and a visiting client, with some adjustments.  Visits and in-person activities with LX Costa Rica were restricted to the lowest number of people possible and, as always, strict health and safety filters were applied priori to the showing. The LX team follows a careful protocol and also extends guidelines to all parties involved prior to a live meeting, visit, showing or property tour.  


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