Gardenia is well-known for its eco-friendly design by Studio Saxe. Not only does this vertical community create a stunning green addition to San José’s landscape, but it also ensures a number of efforts toward sustainability. These include the collection of rainwater for a self-automated irrigation system and choosing passive design for improved airflow and weather protection.


Gardenia’s commitment to environmental harmony is balanced by remarkable social spaces. Beyond its elegant eco-architecture, Gardenia’s shared facilities boast a constellation of shared areas that invite residents into community connection.

Building Community Though Social Spaces

Inside Gardenia’s walls, a full floor is home to the community’s social areas. From indoor to outdoor spaces, and from entertainment to functional ones, Gardenia has a wide variety of elegantly designed social rooms. These are available to all building residents and add to the Gardenia living experience, tending to every need.

Top-end Entertainment

Gardenia's Shared Facilities

Gardenia’s shared facilities offer entertainment to spare. This expansive space houses a fully-equipped kitchen and bar, a dining area, and a cozy living area that encourages connection. A pool table is sure to steal the attention at any reunion.

Step through the glass doors onto the sweeping, vast terrace, where panoramic views frame enchanting sunsets. This is an ideal backdrop for intimate gatherings or serene moments of solitude.


Venture to the back patio, a haven of joyful activities and outdoor bliss. A BBQ area completes this space, along with picnic tables to enjoy it. Engage in friendly competition with a game of tennis table, and watch as kids bounce on the trampoline.

Whether it’s a casual evening with friends, a lively celebration, or a serene moment of reflection, these entertainment areas are evidence to Gardenia’s dedication to enhance the art of living.

Health and Functionality

Gardenia’s shared facilities don’t only take moments of recreation and leisure into account. Step into the elegant meeting area, a space meticulously curated for productive conversations and creative collaborations. This enclave is adorned with contemporary furnishings that exude professionalism.

Gardenia's Meeting Room

For those who seek physical well-being within the comfort of their home, Gardenia presents a fully equipped gymnasium. This includes from state-of-the-art cardio machines to an array of free weights. Every aspect of the gym is designed to cater to diverse fitness needs and stands as a sanctuary for wellness enthusiasts.

Likewise, adjoining this fitness haven, discover the ballet room. This space welcomes individuals to indulge in dance, yoga, or mindful movement equally, guided by the spirit of tranquility that resonates throughout Gardenia’s entirety.

Gardenia''s Shared Facilities
Ballet Room

Gardenia’s commitment to functionality and entertainment extends beyond the ordinary, elevating the routine aspects of daily life into exceptional experiences. Whether it’s crafting meaningful connections in the meeting area or sculpting a healthier self in the gym and ballet room, these shared amenities encapsulate the essence of Gardenia’s holistic approach to luxurious living beyond its green mind.

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