In the realm of luxury real estate, demands are high undoubtedly, and every detail must meet the highest standards. One design partner that excels in meeting these expectations is Na Lakalú, a local company with over 60 years of experience in quality and innovative design. LX Specialist Melissa Lacayo sat down with Melissa Araya, from Nalakalú, to understand how they work in this highly-demanding market.

Interview: Elevating Luxury Spaces with Na Lakalú (In Spanish)

Hello, I’m Melissa Lacayo from LX Costa Rica.

Today we are with Melissa Araya from Na Lakalú. Could you tell us a little about Na Lakalú, what its history means, and what process you take when working with luxury homes?

Well, Na Lakalú is a local company with over 60 years of experience in the market. Our hallmark is a history of quality and design, and I believe that’s one of the value promises when working on luxury homes. Clearly, our clients are motivated by the design and quality of each product. There’s a high demand for this selection, but additionally, we are a company that focuses heavily on advisory services. That’s where the whole service aspect begins, where we can go directly to each of the spaces where we work, in collaboration with the interior and architectural team that the client already has. We optimize the space to ensure proper flow and select finish palettes based on each client’s requirements and needs.

Tell us about the main challenges of furnishing a luxury home.

Well, I think one of the most important challenges is achieving proper space optimization. These homes are much more spacious. One crucial aspect here is that our products are adaptable. For example, in the case of a sofa, having a modular sofa allows us to start with something compact and expand it to much larger spaces. Our consoles and TV furniture come in two sizes, so they can also fit specific spaces for each of our clients. So, I believe that for us, the most important thing regarding luxury homes is fulfilling the value proposition because there’s a high demand from the client. Therefore, we have to offer a product of high quality, high design, and excellent service.

Service and Personalization

In the world of luxury, meticulous service is paramount. Meeting the high demands of luxury requires fulfilling the promise of excellence, quality, and exceptional service. This is a commitment that Na Lakalú maintains throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

Na Lakalú
Na Lakalú
Na Lakalú

To achieve this, Na Lakalú takes a personalized approach and delves directly into each space to understand its unique essence and deliver outstanding results. Na Lakalú carefully tailors every detail to meet the requirements and preferences of each client.

Collaborating closely with interior design and architectural teams, Na Lakalú provides expert advice to meet each client’s specific needs and desires. Through ergonomic products crafted with durable materials, it is possible to offer a wide range of finishes for clients to explore and select.

Na Lakalú ensures a harmonious integration of nature into the design, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The wooden colors, upholstery materials, and incorporation 0f polished concrete, resins, and various textures, reflects Na Lakakú’s efforts.

Challenges in High-End Design

“One of the most important challenges that Na Lakalú has faced when working with luxury homes is achieving the correct space optimization. Luxury homes are much more spacious. One way to achieve this is with products that adapt to different spaces, from more compact areas to much larger ones.”

Melissa Araya, Na Lakalú

One of the significant challenges in luxury homes lies in optimizing space due to their expansive nature. Na Lakalú expertly addresses this with adaptable products, such as modular sofas that can be expanded to fit larger areas. Likewise, consoles and TV furniture come in various sizes, offering flexibility and customization.

Ensuring proper traffic flow and selecting the right finish palettes are vital considerations in these upscale homes. A close relationship with the client and the actual space that will be transformed is the key to achieving the best possible result and overcoming any challenge along the way.

LX paired up with Na Lakalú to temporarily furnish The Terrace Apartment at Zenna. Read more about the “Windows to Infinity” in this home.

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