Interior design is all about comfort and functionality for a complete experience. Designers anticipate our emotions and need to design this experience, to capture them in the places where we spend most of our time. The LX team interviewed María José Tanzi to explore interior design of luxury homes in Costa Rica and her balanced approach to full experience.

Tips to start on your home redesign

The first tip to begin your home redesign is to seek inspiration. The key is to know where we want to go. Then, consider what objects you want to keep and start from there. In the decoration of any space; either an armchair that you want to reupholster or a saddle that you want to buy are ideas to take into account.

The lighting art sets the mood of the space. It’s important to select the small details in order to create the ambiance that you are looking for. Whether it is floor lamps, ambient lights, art lights, or any other model, intensity and design play an important role.

María José explains you can follow the 3-5 rule which seeks to achieve a balance between colors, heights, and accessories in any room. You can approach your space in either one-third or two-third sections, rather than breaking it up into halves or quarters. [watch video for more detail]

Another tip… keep the colors neutral on the large objects so that the redesign is easier to achieve over time.

In the end, the most important thing is to find what we want and hire professionals who can bring our dreams and ideas to reality.

María José explains that “Today, interior designers work with contractors, architects, engineers, craftsmen, furniture dealers, businesses, and homeowners. Successful interior designers must work with many disciplines and incorporate the necessary skills to convey all of that into the space.”

Tanzi Designs

Tanzi Design is an internal space company and consultancy. They work with the different needs of the clients whether it is a redesign, internal design, finishes, decoration, or remodeling.

You can also contact Tanzi Design at the link below.

The main difference between decoration and internal design is that internal design begins from the initial stages, working with the architects to establish the finishes according to the internal space. The construction plans are also taken into account before the property is built in order to capture the client’s idea from the beginning. On the other hand, decoration can focus on the finishing touches with furniture, decorative arts, textiles, and lighting. This completes the space, combining the client’s idea with the art of design.

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