This fully versatile lot in El Gregal residential community is a perfect opportunity for a future home on the east side of San José. Located in one of the most prestigious communities in the area, Gregal Mountain View Lot offers a mountainous lifestyle in close proximity to all services needed for a modern life.

Mountain View Lot is found at the highest point of Hacienda Gregal, offering unparalleled views. The size and topography of the lot allow for its full utilization, whether in construction areas, gardens, or recreational spaces.

Tere SilvaTere Silva, LX Costa Rica

Highlights for Gregal Mountain View Lot

  • 1,373m2 Property with a comfortable and versatile topography.
  • Located in Hacienda Gregal gated community, recognized for its security, exclusivity and excellent views.
  • Found at the highest point of the community, where the views towards the Central Valley and the mountains are unbeatable.
  • Offers proximity to daily comforts, in an environment surrounded by nature and a sustainable philosophy.

Mountain View Lot Location in Hacienda Gregal

Hacienda Gregal stands as one of the most coveted gated communities in Curridabat and Tres Ríos, distinguished by its mountainous terrain and lush green surroundings. Nestled atop a hill spanning over 50 hectares, this community boasts panoramic views, a rejuvenating breeze, and a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

Safety is paramount at Hacienda Gregal, providing residents with unparalleled peace of mind. Its outstanding amenities include a clubhouse with a barbecue area, a cozy lounge, a versatile meeting room, and a spacious multipurpose area. It also offers children’s play zones, hiking trails, soccer, tennis, and basketball fields, as well as outdoor exercise machines.

What truly sets this community apart is its commitment to abundant green spaces. Not only does it encompass private and enchanting gardens, but a sprawling 4-hectare natural reserve, too.

Hacienda El Gregal

Central Valley East

Refreshing temperatures and a laid-back atmosphere characterize the eastern side of San José. This vibrant region offers a climate ranging from a cool 61 to a 82℉, thanks to its 4,000 feet elevation. Accessible through Circunvalación, the eastern side of the Metropolitan Area is close to urban conveniences and breathtaking mountain views.

Central Valley East

Urban amenities and services thrive in this part of town. The rapidly expanding area of Pinares introduces corporate centers, top-notch medical facilities, world-class gastronomical centers and retail options. Whether you seek entertainment in the private Indoor Club, enjoy movies and theater at the Multiplaza del Este and Momentum Pinares shopping malls, or prefer outdoor activities in the nearby mountain ranges, this region caters to every lifestyle.

Education also takes an important role in the eastern part of the Central Valley. Top-ranked schools include Marian Baker, Angloamerican, and SEK. A variety of private and public universities, including UACA, UCR, Santa Paula and U-Latina, are also present.

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