It’s important to clarify that an independent process exists for filing under The Residency category with the Costa Rican authorities. By acquiring a property, with a minimum threshold of $200,000 to $250,000, you can become eligible for the resident investor visa category. This means that by owning real estate in Costa Rica, you’ll have legal residency that will allow you to perform almost all activities that a Costa Rican citizen can do.

Once the transaction concludes and the property is registered under your or your company’s name, we will initiate a thorough review before the Costa Rican authorities. Our team will compile the necessary requirements and expertly guide you through the immigration authority’s procedures. This filing process typically spans six to eight months, contingent upon the established requirements and the authority’s workload.

Obtaining Investor Status or residency by buying property in Costa Rica:

Obtaining an investor status or residency by buying property in Costa Rica is posible. The acquisition of a property of at least 200 to 250 thousand dollars in Costa Rica will allow you to opt for the resident investor visa category. This makes purchasing or investing in land in the country very attractive to international buyers.

The process begins after the property in question is already in the buyer’s name or the buyer’s company’s name. Once that procedure is concluded, an independent legal process begins before the Costa Rican immigration authorities. The objective of this is to file for a residency status.

Obtaining a residency visa by buying property in Costa Rica will take anywhere from 6 to 8 months. This depends on factors such as specific requirements and the authority’s work load. The residence status will allow expats the freedom to do almost anything that a Costa Rican citizen can.

Content provided by Javier Sauma from SAUMA ROSSI Law Firm.

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