The Costa Rican government has demonstrated its commitment to attract and grow Chinese investment in the country with a bilateral treaty. LX Costa Rica, the country’s leading luxury real estate agency, is following suit with a stronger international presence and support for chinese-based investors.

The Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica approved a bilateral treaty for the promotion and protection of investments with the People’s Republic of China. The China-Costa Rica treaty demonstrates the Costa Rican Government’s commitment to promote Chinese investment in the country, running the full gamma of business and personal investment including luxury real estate purchases.  Likewise, LX Costa Rica has begun working with its international network to offer a full range of services for China-based investors, including mandarin-speaking clients.

LX Costa Rica is already reaching the top Asian markets through international partners.  Together with Luxury Portfolio International® and the largest China-based real estate website, Juwai, LX offers a chinese-language portfolio of Costa Rica’s top residential properties, with an average value of 8.6 million RMB (¥).

LX luxury properties on display in China

Over 120 LX Costa Rica luxury properties are currently promoted to thousands of Chinese buyers each day from over 315 cities throughout China, as well as major Chinese communities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

Great contemporary multi-level home in Cerro Alto, Escazú

Great Contemporary Multi-level Home in Cerro Alto

Recently, two LX exclusive properties were added to the portfolio in China:
Great contemporary multi-level home in Cerro Alto, Escazú, and La Mirada – Villa Real enchanting home in Santa Anta

“The global Chinese investor and elite home buyer is a huge opportunity for real estate sellers in Costa Rica. Chinese consumers represent about one-third of the global luxury market and they are already very active in Costa Rica.  LX is building out the necessary relationships to reach these Chinese investors and provide a seamless service experience as they search for their luxury home in Costa Rica.” -Andrés Riggioni, LX Partner & CMO

Chinese Investment -Real Estate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the only country in Central America with active diplomatic relations with China, hence the enormous potential to attract investment to the country.

“Having an agreement to protect investments with a country of the size of China is of great importance to us. China is one of the strongest and the most strategic markets in the world. It offers numerous business opportunities for us.” – Alexander Mora, Foreign Trade Minister of Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Trade has published data indicating that in 2014 registered Chinese investment in Costa Rica was already growing faster than the previous two years combined, and the relationship has grown since then.  Private Chinese investment in luxury homes and properties in Costa Rica is expected to grow at a similarly fast pace.

Learn about how LX is becoming part of an international network: LX Costa Rica joins Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

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