Once burdened by the perception of being challenging to navigate, the province of Heredia in Costa Rica has experienced a transformative shift in recent times, reshaping its accessibility and challenging old misconceptions. In the past, getting to and from Heredia often meant following complicated and impractical routes such as General Cañas, La Valencia, or Highway 32. However, the introduction of the Circunvalación Norte has begun a new era for the city, making it significantly more accessible.

Circunvalación Norte has been a complete game-changer for residents in Heredia. Routes that used to take up to 40 minutes to travel, such as Santo Domingo or San Isidro to Rohrmoser, can now take as little as 20 minutes! This is perfect for those who have to travel daily, making an impact on their everyday lives.

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This new route has eased transportation, providing residents and visitors with a practical and efficient way to connect with the surrounding regions. The Circunvalación Norte symbolizes progress, making Heredia an even more attractive destination for those seeking a well-rounded and accessible lifestyle.

Routes to Heredia: New Connections

Routes to Heredia

Heredia is writing a new story when it comes to connectivity. Particularly noteworthy is Santa Barbara, which enjoys easy connections to Alajuela and the Juan Santamaría Airport.

For residents in Santo Domingo or San Isidro de Heredia, the impact of Circunvalación Norte is particularly evident. The journey to Rohrmoser, for instance, now takes a mere 20 minutes – a significant reduction from previous 40-minute commutes. This improved accessibility contributes to a more efficient and connected lifestyle.

Beyond the urban hustle, Heredia offers a unique blend of mountain living within easy reach of metropolitan areas. The presence of spacious mountain homes with excellent climates, situated just 30 minutes from Escazú and 20 minutes from Rohrmoser, adds to the diverse housing options available to residents. Browse our Heredia Portfolio.

This accessibility not only broadens the scope of lifestyle choices but also showcases Heredia’s evolving status as a well-connected and strategically positioned city. As accessibility continues to improve, Heredia stands as a prime example of thoughtful urban planning and infrastructure development.

Routes to Heredia

The Convenience of Living in Heredia, Costa Rica

Contrary to common beliefs, Heredia, Costa Rica, isn’t a place where you have to travel outside for your everyday needs. Although routes to Heredia have changed the province’s connectivity, the city is well-equipped with everything residents might search for. All of this makes it a practical and enjoyable place to live.

Retail Convenience: With malls like Paseo de las Flores and Oxígeno, residents have access to a range of shopping options. These range from popular brands to smaller stores.

Grocery Shopping Simplified: Heredia features supermarkets such as Auto Mercado, Mas x Menos, and PriceSmart. This way, residents are provided with easy access to fresh produce, everyday essentials, and gourmet items.

Education Hub: The city is home to notable educational institutions like Universidad Nacional (UNA) and Universidad Latina. Lincoln School and the European School are also worth mentioning, offering quality education within the city limits.

Nature at Your Doorstep: Heredia’s proximity to national parks like Volcanoes Poás and Barva, and Braulio Carrillo, offers nature enthusiasts a chance to explore Costa Rica’s natural beauty without leaving the province.

Diverse Dining Options: Heredia’s culinary scene caters to diverse tastes. From local eateries to upscale restaurants, it provides a range of dining options for residents.

Exclusive Recreation: El Castillo Country Club stands out for exclusive entertainment, offering green spaces, the country’s only ice-skating rink, pools, and more, making it a hub for leisure and luxury.

Comfortable Stays: Accommodations like El Tirol, Marriott, Country Inn, and Best Western provide refined options for those seeking comfortable and elegant places to stay in Heredia.

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