A community whose entire philosophy is based on sustainability is a rare find, but it’s now a reality in Costa Rica’s sought-after Nosara area. The El Bosque Community in Nosara is a flagship for coastal living, showcasing its essence rooted in the principles of sustainability.

At El Bosque, the integration of homes and amenities is not just a matter of convenience but a deeply ingrained commitment to preserving the original, natural conditions of the mountainside.  Plus, homes at El Bosque enjoy meticulous design by renowned firms including Olson Kundig, Gensler, Frida Escobedo, Chip Webster, and VIDA.

El Bosque is a community unlike any other in Costa Rica. Its philosophy embraces life’s simpler joys, finding comfort in disconnecting to cherish moments with family, nature, and the community.

Angie MirandaAngie Miranda, LX Nosara

El Bosque Philosophy

El Bosque’s philosophy transcends mere architectural design and urban planning. It is a philosophy deeply rooted in love for Nosara and a commitment to living in harmony with core values. Here, residents form a close-knit community bound by shared respect for the environment and a desire to coexist with nature harmoniously.

Central to their mentality is the creation of a project that is placed lightly upon the original land, respecting and preserving natural systems. The community invites residents to immerse themselves in a lifestyle that celebrates connectivity to the forest, ocean, family, and friends.

  • 1

    Use design & construction best practices that respect our unique site conditions.

  • 2

    Be mindful of water.

  • 3

    Design for wildlife & support our connection to nature.

  • 4

    Work together to share a good life.

El Bosque Conservation Management Plan

El Bosque Residential Community Nosara Costa Rica

El Bosque Residential Community presents a steadfast dedication to preserving the natural sanctuary of the property. They’ve implemented a comprehensive strategy aimed at promoting biodiversity with a simple yet powerful objective: to strike a delicate balance between human habitation and the preservation of the surrounding ecosystem. With only 25% of the entire site designated for development, the vast majority remains untouched, serving as a haven for both residents and wildlife.

Central to this preservation effort is the establishment of a network of trails spanning 6 kilometers throughout the property. These trails not only provide safe passage for residents but also invite exploration and contemplation, offering residents and wildlife alike the opportunity to roam freely and unhindered.

Some main points in El Bosque Conservation Management Plan:

  • Located on a 37 acre site, with 75% remaining as untouched natural land.
  • Includes 41 homesites with only 30% of each as buildable area.
  • Combustion free neighborhood.
  • Property safeguarded from future subdivisions or disruptive commercial development.
El Bosque Residential Community Nosara Costa Rica
El Bosque Residential Community Nosara Costa Rica

One of the most striking features of this visionary community is its commitment to a regular car-free lifestyle. Upon arrival, fossil fuel vehicles are parked outside to make way for electric vehicles and bicycles that stroll along the tranquil internal roads. An attractive factor to El Bosque is that each one of its homes comes with an electrical vehicle, ensuring a serene and safe walking environment for all residents, human and animal alike.

Homes at El Bosque Residential Community in Nosara boast innovative architecture that places them in an elevated position. This ensures that the forest in the property remains untouched and fully respected despite added constructions.

El Bosque Residential Community Nosara Costa Rica

El Bosque’s conscientious approach extends to every aspect of its infrastructure. Utilities such as electricity and network cables are discreetly buried, shielded from the elements to safeguard both their functionality and the delicate ecosystems that thrive throughout the site. This thoughtful design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the community but also minimizes disruptions to wildlife habitats.

Water at El Bosque is sourced from its own well. Stormwater, meanwhile, flows through natural channels that not only mitigate runoff but also offer rainwater the opportunity to linger, seeping slowly into the earth before heading seaward. In doing so, they not only protect the purity of local waterways but also nourish the land.

Some Other Characteristics

In El Bosque, the concept of home extends far beyond four walls. It encompasses vibrant gathering spaces that foster a sense of community and camaraderie. 

Its eagerly anticipated Community Hub serves as its central gathering spot. It offers a family-friendly pool and ample spaces for both kids and adults to come together. A suspension bridge extends through the verdant canopy, leading residents to Sunset Ridge—the crown jewel of El Bosque.

Perched atop the highest point within the community, Sunset Ridge offers unparalleled panoramic views of the ocean. It provides the perfect point to witness nature’s daily sundowns and stargaze afterwards.

Just a short stroll from the community’s back gate, you’ll find El Bosque’s Baker Beach Station. Here, residents can effortlessly access Nosara’s shores and refreshing waters. This private enclave not only offers parking for electric vehicles but also serves as a convenient seaside base to hydrate, grab surfboards and go for a swim

These amenities scattered throughout the community serve as hubs for shared experiences and meaningful connections.

Nestled within close reach of Garza, Esperanza, Guiones, and K Section, El Bosque offers a distinctive sense of seclusion while remaining connected to the surrounding communities. Despite its convenient proximity to these beach towns, the tranquil ambiance of El Bosque creates an oasis of serenity.

At El Bosque, safety ranks as one of their top priorities. At each entrance, a dedicated team of welcoming rangers stands equipped with extensive knowledge of the community. They provide with a reassuring presence while monitoring access points. Moreover, they enlist traditional security services during overnight hours to reinforce their commitment to maintaining a safe environment for residents.

Additionally, as a condominium community, carefully planned zoning regulations have been implemented to shield the property from potential threats. These include unplanned subdivision or disruptive commercial development. These measures serve to protect the integrity of the community and promote a sense of cohesion among residents. Managed by a homeowners’ association, design and lifestyle guidelines are enforced to preserve the community’s character and quality of life.

El Bosque provides unparalleled support to its residents through dedicated on-site staff. These professionals stand ready to assist residents with a range of essential services. Internal transportation, deliveries, and the maintenance of shared spaces are some of these.

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