Costa Rica is well known for its beaches, nature, and picturesque landscapes. No matter where you look, especially in the Central Valley, you will find a magnificent blend of blue skies and green mountains. More than just looking good, the central valley mountain lifestyle in Costa Rica provides a unique living experience that combines both rural and urban living with fresh air and stunning views. Explore Costa Rican mountain homes for sale in the Central Valley and why they make a great livelihood base.

Mountain areas around San José

Heredia Mountain Homes area

Heredia mountains offer a very particular environment which makes it a great place to live on the northern side of Costa Rica’s Central Valley and capital city. Having a long history of agriculture, coffee being one of its primary activities, coffee plantations create a uniquely traditional landscape in the area, visible from many Costa Rica mountain homes for sale. Its characteristic volcano presence adds to the amazing views that stand out in this location, all immersed within balmy weather varying between 60 and 80℉.

Mountain Home areas in Heredia, such as Barva, San Isidro de Heredia, and Santa Bárbara are known for their stunning Central Vally Views, natural surroundings, cool fresh air, laid back and peaceful culture, away from the more crowded areas yet close to them. Heredia’s mountains are a great option to consider when choosing a home both for national and expat housing.

Heredia Mountain Homes enjoy quick access to the San José international airport (SJO), bilingual schools such as the European School and Lincoln School, fine dining and important corporate centers in Cariari and the lower Heredia areas, plus multiple Free Trade Zones in Heredia with plenty of multinational centers.

The Mountain Essence Home is an outstanding home located in Santa Bárbara, Heredia. Elegance is seen throughout its vaulted ceilings, spacious rooms, state-of-the-art arches, and columns, all without leaving behind the many perks of mountain living. The panoramic forest and city views surrounding the house are truly breathtaking.

Mountain homes in Escazú & Santa Ana area

Located near the most up and coming side of San José and Costa Rica in general, the Escazú and Santa Ana mountains offer a location of dreams. Close to some of the country’s best high-end amenities, and just an hour away from the coast, Escazú and Santa Ana mountains are one of the most sought-after areas to live in. Many Costa Rican mountain homes are located in gated communities of the area that are considered the most exclusive in the country, such as Villa Real and Cerro Real, characterized by their safety and stunning design residences.

Escazú Mountain Homes enjoy quick access to the San José international airport (SJO), bilingual schools, top entertainment and dining.

Krono Home is an example of a home worth looking at in the urbanization of Villa Real located in the mountains between Escazú and Santa Ana. Not only does this property feature jaw-dropping panoramic scenes of the city, but has multiple social areas with their views that makes it perfect for spectacular entertainment. Krono Home is one of the most exceptional Costa Rica mountain homes for sale at the moment.

San José East Side Mountain Homes

If you’re looking for the ultimate Costa Rican tropical rain forest feeling without having to travel hours away from the city of San José, the Central Valley’s east side mountains are the place for you. While this area won’t get as jungle-wild as it would in a place like Monteverde, it sure gets close to it. Several forest zones co-live with residential areas, and the strong flora and fauna presence is proof of it. Birds chirp their way through the morning, and white mist covers the treetops at sun down- nature seems to come straight out of a dream.

Costa Rica Mountain Homes for sale

In cozy San Ramón de Tres Ríos lays a two-level home boasting an inviting and heartwarming mountain air. Treeside Home Lakota is characterized by a warm style amidst cool mountain air with wood floors, fine detailing and expansive windows. The green outdoors is seen from all around Treeside’s grand windows, also featuring external areas to breath San Ramon de Tres Rios’ characteristic fresh and cool air.

Costa Rican Mountain Homes in the Central Valley – What makes them great


Not too cold, not too hot. Costa Rican mountains offer one of the best climate conditions in the country. They allow to avoid the heat that is concentrated in more central areas while stabilizing in a comfortable warm temperature. Gentle waves of fresh air and wind are characteristic to central valley mountains, and are perfect for relaxing to their touch or to the sound they create when coinciding with the trees. How about a mountain breeze to start a new life?


Costa Rica is a tropical country from its base. This makes it one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, with an estimate of being home to 5% of the worlds flora and fauna. This is even more so in the mountains, since these are areas away from the city, less disturbed by humans and where life can roam freely. Having your home immersed in this natural environment is definitely a sought-after feature when in comes to exclusive living in the Central American country. There is no doubt about the tropical environment the areas offer every day.

Villa Paraíso

Villa Paraíso in San Rafael de Heredia shows the definition of what it means to live immersed in nature. Read more about Balance in nature at Villa Paraíso.

Best of Both Worlds

Want a quiet, tranquil and private lifestyle but don’t want to give up urban advantages? Costa Rican mountain homes in the central valley certainly offer both. The central valley’s mountains allow home owners to live away from all the city noise and rapid timings, still being just minutes away from them. This is perfect for having a personal escape in your private life, while easily accessing all the perks that come from downtown- a perfect rural-urban combination.

Stunning Views

Imagine owning a house at a high point where it feels like you’re at the top of the world. The strong presence of mountains in Costa Rican Central Valley offer this feeling in numerous locations, presenting views like no others. These can include views to the city, to other mountains and to grass lands, not to mention the breathtaking sunsets that are created in this beautiful country as well as the clear starry skies that can be seen at night. This is sure to be a daily life changer for someone searching for Costa Rica mountain homes for sale.

Casa Sauvignon offers 360 views beyond its balcony- its social areas, including living room and pool, all have access to beautiful mountain and city scenery.

Interested? Browse exclusive Costa Rica mountain homes for sale that match your preference:

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