In the heart of Guiones, Guanacaste, lies a beach home that captures the essence of contemporary living amidst nature’s embrace. The Hope Residence is a modern architectural marvel with a remarkable feature that sets it apart from the rest. Its seamless integration with the lush flora and fauna adorn its surroundings. The way that The Hope Residence is built blurs the line between indoor-outdoor living in Guiones.

The centerpiece of The Hope Residence is the sight of a grand, mature tree that has stood tall long before the home’s construction began. Instead of disrupting nature’s course, the architects ingeniously designed the outdoor terrace around this majestic tree, giving it the respect and admiration it deserves. This thoughtful integration preserves the tree’s natural habitat. However, it also creates a mesmerizing focal point that adds character and uniqueness to the terrace.

Many contemporary homes in Nosara are being designed and developed in a way that works with nature and not against it. For me, the most valuable factor is when architects and developers find a way to build around big trees in a property to preserve them. The Hope Residence in Guiones is a great representation of this.

Angie MirandaAngie Miranda, LX Costa Rica
Indoor-Outdoor Living

Large glass sliding doors lead to the terrace and effortlessly diffuse the lines between indoor-outdoor living in Guiones. This enhances the feeling of unity with nature. As you bask in the natural light and refreshing breeze, it becomes evident that The Hope Residence is not just a home; it is a sanctuary where residents can connect with the tranquility and beauty of the Costa Rican landscape.

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