Modern challenges require modern solutions and creativity. Atmosphere home specializes in bringing global tendencies to Costa Rica, actively searching for the latest trends in interior design and technology. However, these usually bring a series of new challenges that have to be solved in order to create the experience that each home-owner personally searches for.

The Atmosphere Home team recently spoke with the LX team about some of the challenges and interior design solutions in Costa Rica. Victoria Romano, Founder and Lead Designer, and Mauricio Álvarez explored topics including exclusive furniture, home accessories, interior design & space planing.

Interview: Interior Solutions with Atmosphere Home Costa Rica (In Spanish)

The luxury real estate market in Costa Rica combines luxury, design, and technology.

Clients often approach us with concerns about perceiving vast, cold spaces that create an unwanted echo. This concern is particularly common with the rising trend of double-height spaces. Even in apartments, residents desire lofty heights and spaciousness. However, such spaces can pose challenges for achieving proper illumination due to their height. Lighting needs to serve not only an architectural purpose but also possess a sculptural quality.

We suggest that lighting should harmoniously correspond with the space. We engage in creating a lighting scheme that captivates, giving the impression that the lights are suspended in the expansive, high-ceilinged area. Our clients facing similar spatial challenges have responded positively to this approach.

Another prevalent issue arises when clients are unsure about furnishing large spaces excessively. They often express a preference for practical utilization in larger areas, rather than having numerous smaller rooms that might serve little purpose. Our suggestion is to create modular, substantial living spaces where all family members or friends can gather. This eliminates the need for multiple small rooms that might remain underutilized.

Textural variety also becomes a topic in our design discussions. Clients inquire about enhancing walls with textures that counter monotony and create visual interest. We propose wallpaper as a solution, offering a range of textures. These selections add warmth to the environment, alongside carpets.

As we introduce the latest trends from Europe to Costa Rica, we find it necessary to adapt them to the local context. While European trends may be in vogue, we must tailor them to our tropical climate. For instance, a new velvet fabric might be popular in France, but it might not be practical for Costa Rica’s climate. We guide textile designers by suggesting elements that resonate with Costa Rican preferences and lifestyles. This collaborative process involves understanding the local climate and lifestyle, enabling us to recommend suitable products that create distinctive indoor experiences and atmospheres for our clients’ homes.”

The Atmosphere Home team explains… “As we introduce the latest trends from Europe to Costa Rica, we find it necessary to adapt them to the local context. While European trends may be in vogue, we must tailor them to our tropical climate. For instance, a new velvet fabric might be popular in France, but it might not be practical for Costa Rica’s climate.”

Strategic Lighting

Luxury homes are embracing greater heights, reaching a point where lighting can become hard to perceive. This is when we recommend lighting that aligns with the space. We focus on creating dynamic lighting design that immediately captures attention and can create sensory balance.

Although important, an architectural canvas extends beyond mere construction; it encompasses the finer art of illumination. Clients often approach Atmosphere Home with a challenge: how to enhance expansive rooms with a sense of warmth and character.

Victoria Romano, head designer at Atmosphere Home, assures that the use of double height ceilings in contemporary home design can bring coolness and echoes. If these aren’t dealt with correctly, they can create a sense of emptiness. An interior solution to this problem is lighting.

Beyond just addressing architectural needs, lighting becomes sculptural. By strategically placing lights at different heights and angles, Atmosphere Home creates an interplay of light and shadow, not only brightening the space but also captivating the observer.

The Evolution of Spatial Design

Today’s discerning homeowners seek a paradigm that challenges the traditional interior landscape. No longer is grandeur solely defined by a multitude of small rooms adorned with trinkets and excess, but instead aims for the liberating expanse of open spaces.

Beyond a design trend, spacious layouts are a lifestyle choice that call for a sense of cohesion and intimacy despite their size. With that being said, one common predicament Atmosphere Home encounters is the reluctance to segment vast areas. The dilemma arises from not wanting to create tiny rooms that serve no discernible purpose. However, this is where the concept of a modular living area comes into play.

Modular Interior Design Solutions in Costa Rica

Modular spaces aren’t just rooms; they’re a transformative concept that can be customized to fit various occasions and needs. This open yet versatile space beckons occupants to linger, engage, and connect.

Bringing Walls to Life

Transforming a flat, monochromatic wall into a canvas of warmth and character is an art in itself. Walls yearn for the touch of texture that can bring them to life. This is where the creative use of wallpapers steps in.

Wallpapers are more than just ornamental coverings; they are storytellers. A well-chosen wallpaper can imbue a room with an element of surprise, breaking the monotony and offering a tactile experience that invites the senses to engage.

Additionally, in the pursuit of a dynamic and visually intriguing space, rugs are also akin to artwork for the ground. They introduce an opportunity to play with patterns, motifs, and shades that harmonize with the overall design scheme.

Harmonizing Trends with the Tropics

In Costa Rica, we operate with a different design language than the one being used in Europe. This means that, while we do bring the latest trends from there, we often have to tropicalize them.

Atmosphere HomeMauricio Álvarez, Atmosphere Home Costa Rica

As the world of interior design evolves, it’s essential to recognize that trends crafted in one corner of the globe might not seamlessly translate to another. The interaction between design and environment is especially important in a country like Costa Rica, where climate and lifestyle demand a distinct approach.

Interior solutions in Costa Rica involve elements that work harmoniously within our climate. Atmosphere Home dedicates itself to offering the latest interior design trends while simultaneously mastering the art of tropicalization.

While drawing inspiration from Europe’s newest aesthetics, Atmosphere Home also prioritizes practicality. The design company certainly ensures this through a feedback loop where recommendations and adaptations flow both ways. They maintain clear communication with international designers, enabling them to grasp the country’s specific conditions and offer recommendations for pieces and materials that fulfill clients’ requirements.

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