Incorporating sustainability in high-end luxury homes in Costa Rica is no longer an afterthought- its a must. 

Almost 90% of buyers consider sustainable amenities or features when searching for and choosing a home. Even more important, more than half of luxury home buyers (58%) are willing to pay more for such properties, according to the recent State of Luxury Real Estate report published by Luxury Portfolio International and the global LX Network.

“They ask us about architectural design for sustainability, water solutions, solar energy, temperature control, materials, and sustainability in general.  It’s a trending topic amongst homeowners and buyers in the luxury real estate market. And, it’s only natural, with Costa Rica being so conscious about its natural resources.”

Juliane Maurach, LX Costa Rica

As sustainability gains importance among luxury home buyers in the Costa Rica market, sellers can take advantage with a greater effort to incorporate sustainable design and amenities into their properties. Push the limits of your imagination and seek out solid advice because next-generation high-end homes raise the bar.

There are multiple elements that are particularly important both in the interior and exterior of a home that can make it more sustainable. Juliane Maurach, LX luxury specialist, dove into the possibilities inside and outside the home to help achieve your own sustainability goals whether you’re updating your current property or looking to build or buy a luxury home in Costa Rica.

Interview: Interior Sustainability and High-end Homes in Costa Rica

Interior Sustainable High-End Options in Costa Rica

Within a home, there are numerous features that can be adapted to embrace sustainability, from architectural choices to everyday items.

Architectural Design

Cross Ventilation

One of the most effective ways to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without relying heavily on air conditioning is through cross ventilation. Thoughtful architectural design can facilitate the flow of natural breezes through your home, reducing the need for energy-consuming cooling systems.

Cross Ventilation

Double Glazed Windows:

Installing double-glazed windows not only improves insulation but also helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature. This reduces the energy required to heat or cool your home, leading to lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Indoor Lighting and Sustainable Energy

Energy consumption is one of the most important aspects to think about when building any house, and one of the best ways that sustainability can be implemented.

Solar Panels for Clean Energy

Renewable energy sources are a great way to look after your family’s energy consumption and its impact on the environment. This is especially true in a country like Costa Rica, where solar panels have become an increasingly popular choice for sustainable homeowners.

Costa Rica isn’t only an open defender of renewable energy, but is harnessed in abundant sunlight. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, providing a clean and renewable source of energy to power your home. By investing in solar panels, you not only reduce your energy bills but also contribute to a greener future.

Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

LED lights have revolutionized the way we illuminate our homes. Not only do they use significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, but they also come in a wide range of tones, allowing for personalized lighting atmospheres. While cool, white lights are still available, warm, inviting glows are now also a possibility to include in your sustainable home.

Green Materials

Sustainable Flooring Options

Sustainability and high-end homes in Costa Rica Flooring

Opt for wooden flooring that is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). These certifications ensure that the wood used comes from responsibly managed forests, helping to conserve our precious ecosystems.

Eco-Friendly Paints

Choose water-based paints over oil-based alternatives. Water-based paints have a lower carbon footprint and release fewer toxins into the air, promoting healthier indoor air quality. These paints are not only better for the environment but also for the well-being of your family.

Recycle, Reuse…

Water Conservation: Recycling Shower and Greywater

Understanding the limitations the globe is facing today, water conservation is crucial. Consider installing systems that recycle shower water and greywater, treating it for reuse in watering your gardens. This not only conserves water but also reduces the strain on Costa Rica’s water resources.

Sustainability and high-end homes in Costa Rica Recycle


Alternatively, consider upcycling materials. Reclaimed wood from old floors can be repurposed to create unique and sustainable flooring options or pieces that tell a story and reduce the demand for new resources.

Embracing sustainability in your Costa Rican home not only reduces your ecological footprint but also enhances your quality of life. By incorporating these sustainable features into your property, you’re not just investing in your home; you’re investing in a greener future for Costa Rica and the planet.

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