LX Costa Rica is thrilled to announce our new #LX Nosara team, lead by Angie Miranda. Guanacaste is a strong market for luxury homes and beach properties, and the Nosara area in particular is a great match for many of our clients and their extraordinary lives.

We love Nosara! We’ve been helping real estate clients in Guanacaste for years and now we join the community with Nosara-based Angie Miranda. She embodies the full spirit of the LX team and service with a unique combination of cultural awareness, service, and community leadership. Angie is an invaluable connection for LX clients and their extraordinary properties.”

Clari Vega

Clari Vega, LX Managing Partner

Angie Miranda embodies the full spirit of the LX team and service. An inspiring entrepreneur, mom & passionate surfer with more than 20 years of experience in Costa Rica’s coastal area, Angie is already well-known in the Nosara community.

Angie Miranda

Angie Miranda, LX Agent & luxury specialist

“Nosara is a market like no other. The homes and properties in the area are a gateway to a life surrounded by nature, mindfulness, and the soothing beach style that so many of us thrive on. It’s a barefoot luxury kind of place with a unique experience.”

The Nosara Real Estate Market

Nosara is one of the most sought-after beach markets in Costa Rica, and well known internationally. It offers a unique lifestyle with a clear beach vibe, plenty of surf, wellness and a growing residential community of both foreigners and Costa Rican residents. It’s different. The unique location within the Ostional Wildlife Refuge ensures environmental awareness as a cornerstone for the community that’s been rooted in conscious sustainability since it began.

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It is a very closely connected community, full of families looking for a healthy atmosphere in which to grow and develop. The most sought-after residential areas in Nosara are Las Huacas, Guiones, and Pelada, but the vibe stretches much further out south to Samara and north to San Juanillo. You can find many properties with exquisite finishes and more open styles, wood detailing, and an impressive range of integrated technology from solar energy to smart homes

Nosara community initiatives in reforestation campaigns and wildlife care have resulted in properties with panoramic views surrounded by nature, ocean views and walking distance to the beach.

The laidback and healthy lifestyle are main attractions of the Nosara market. However, the extraordinary homes and properties in the area are unique in that they take advantage of every element in the environment.

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