House of Stars isn’t only a house- it’s a garden complex that integrates with nature, waiting to be explored. Costa Rica’s exceptional biodiversity merges throughout the entire property, including in the many constructions around it. House of Stars achieves this splendidly through its traditional ranchos, incorporating two of these in its premises. Explore: House of Stars for sale in Nosara

What are Ranchos?

Traditional ranchos consist of open-sided structures with a thatched roof crafted from palm leaves or other indigenous materials. In Costa Rica, as in other tropical regions, ranchos bear cultural significance and form an integral part of local lifestyle. Constructing ranchos often involves utilizing locally sourced materials and traditional building techniques.

The Chorotega indigenous groups in Costa Rica have traditionally used them as versatile spaces, often serving as shelters, meeting places, or communal gathering areas. These structures hold cultural and symbolic meaning, tied to the environment, community life, and cultural traditions. The practice of building them reflects a connection to the region’s cultural heritage and reliance on sustainable practices passed down through generations and still present in Nosara.

How do Ranchos enhance House of Stars?

House of Stars has a soul of its own. Its a unique property full of history, shown through its traditional palm ranchos. These boast spectacular panoramic views of the ocean and forest, making them perfect for a moment of peace.

Angie MirandaAngie Miranda, LX Costa Rica
Traditional Ranchos Costa Rica
Traditional Ranchos Costa Rica

House of Stars is a large property in a warm area. Ranchos are perfect for a resting spot between walks. They don’t only provide shade from the sun, but also beautiful views to relax while still being in touch with nature.

House of Stars Highlights

  • House of Stars is the only built house for sale in the world-renowned Blue Spirit Retreat Center gated community in Nosara, with 24-hour security and beach access.
  • Garden compound with five bedrooms and 3 buildings, as well as two traditional palm-leaf ‘palapas’, or ranchos.
  • Private infinity pool enveloped in nature and overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
  • Invigorating 180-degree panoramic ocean and jungle views, night sky and stunning sunsets.

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