Casa Essentia is a unique sensory experience. Most homes in Villa Real are enticing, but at Essentia it’s a wonderful combination of water flows, fresh breeze, luxury details and stunning forest and Central Valley views.

Maria José BarriosMaría José Barrios, LX Costa Rica

Casa Essentia: a Unique Home in Villa Real

Casa Essentia is a truly unique home in Santa Ana. Its beauty goes beyond aesthetics to a full experience immersed in detail with different sounds, textures, and views.

Casa Essentia- Home in Villa Real

Casa Essentia recieves its residents with a large water mirror that begins to play with your senses. From its relaxing sound to its abstract visual effect, this entrance sets the tone for what the home presents.

This stunning home in Villa Real will even confuse your perception. Its infinity pool, for instance, creates an infinity effect that makes it blend with the mountains on the horizon.

Casa Essentia Pool
Casa Essentia- Home in Villa Real

Casa Essentia continues to showcase its beauty through the use of exposed materials with different textures, such as stone walls and wooden details.

Finally, this home in Villa Real is fully immersed in natural surroundings. This not only adds breathtaking views from every corner, but also creates a full experience with calming sounds and smells as well.

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