Culture, sustainability and service. Na Lakalú is one of our local LX partners focusing on high-end design with more than 60 years of trajectory, prioritizing these three key features in its day-to-day work. This company emphasizes quality and design for its highly demanding clients. 

Through its collaboration with interiorism and architectural teams, Na Lakalú particularly works to meet every client’s needs and preferences, personalizing each space meticulously with attention to service and detail from start to finish.

Na Lakalú

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What does Na Lakalú mean?

This name comes from the Maleku Costarrican indigenous dialect, meaning “rest”. Its idea is to create spaces of tranquility and peace to share with family and friends. Its connection to Costarican culture is present throughout their brand, as they work hand-in-hand with local artisans using regional materials to represent identity and warmth. 

Additionally, the organization works hard for something our country is passionate about and known for worldwide: our commitment to sustainability. All of their work is achieved through solar energy and also strive for the highest respect for nature.

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