Angie Miranda shares her Nosara real estate expertise living and working as an LX agent on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. The LX team sat down with Angie in an interview where she shared the different insights about luxury homes and properties in this beautiful coastal area of Costa Rica.

Angie mentions that the Nosara real estate market has become extremely active in the past years, due to people looking for the Nosara experience. How is this “Nosara experience” defined? Community and healthy lifestyle are two main points that stand out, including activities such as surfing, yoga and environmental protection- this makes it perfect for both families and young adventure seekers alike. However, the peaceful views and relaxed lifestyle also open space for people looking for tranquil retirement options.

When asked about the most sought after residential areas in the Nosara real estate market, Angie couldn’t pick a single one- instead, she mentions that despite there being many different areas, they all have “a very special charm”. Las Huacas, for example, is known for its breath taking ocean views, and Playa Pelada for its white sand beach and nature. Nosara K Section, with Guiones and the Guiones Beach Club are all very close to the beach. Read more about Living in Nosara.

There is a very strong community sense here in Nosara and this positively affects the real estate market. Individuals and many organizations work together to support the area and integrate their livelihoods from home to beach to family.

Angie MirandaAngie Miranda, LX Costa Rica - Nosara

Previous planning in Nosara has helped the community and real estate market by naming its regions and areas into specific sections. This helps understand the market and browse specific parts of Nosara and the properties that adapt best to client preferences. Read more about the Nosara K Section.


Nosara’s unique charm comes from the residential blend that is found in the area, including a classic and rustic style of the original Nosara homes and the newer, more contemporary designs. This way, Nosara real estate market turns into a representation of the town’s rich history and change. The Villa is a perfect symbol for this ride in history, bursting in rustic, wooden details.


The Villa Mango Property – Nosara Area

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