Real estate and nutrition may not be two subjects commonly considered to go hand in hand. However, a new year calls for new concepts, and Maria Alexandra (Macha) Gutiérrez is all-in with this new idea. As an LX specialist and nutritionist, she’s able to provide a holistic approach to the relationship between nutrition, real estate, and wellness through her experience as a professional.

The contemporary definition of well-being has evolved towards a more holistic approach, recognizing the interconnection of different aspects of life. Merging real estate and nutrition is a powerful strategy to promote comprehensive wellness.

Maria Alexandra Gutierrez, LX Costa Rica

INTERVIEW: Nutrition, Real Estate and Wellness (in Spanish)

Hello, my name is María Alexandra Gutiérrez, LX specialist and nutritionist, and today, I’m here to talk to you about two of my main passions: real estate and nutrition. The current concept of well-being has evolved towards a more comprehensive approach, recognizing that everything in life is connected. Buying a house is key to our health, but we shouldn’t limit ourselves to physical places alone, but also consider our surroundings.

In real estate, location and amenities are crucial, just as in nutrition. Location directly influences access to fresh food and spaces for physical activities. The collaboration between a nutritionist and a real estate advisor can provide us with important information on where to find local and organic fresh foods. Comprehensive well-being encompasses physical, mental, and emotional dimensions. The choice of a house should consider architecture and design, such as a well-lit kitchen that invites us to prepare delicious meals and maintain healthy eating habits.

The combination of real estate and nutrition is a modern perspective that recognizes that both real estate advisors and nutritionists can play a fundamental role in creating healthy and sustainable communities.

Holistic Wellness: Beyond the Physical Dimension

Wellness goes beyond physical health alone. It involves an interplay between the physical, mental, and emotional dimensions of our lives. In real estate, this holistic perspective takes center stage. A home focused on wellness is not just about your body – it’s also about your soul and mind.

Casa Zen in Santa Ana

Whether it’s quiet spots for meditation or layouts that help you relax, choosing a property that cares about your overall well-being is a step toward a more balanced and harmonious life.

The Culinary Spot: Impact of Physical Space on Healthy Habits

Your home is not just a living space; it has a big impact on your lifestyle, especially when it comes to nutrition. Think about how a bright kitchen and a cozy dining area can make you more excited about cooking and eating at home. In luxury real estate, the emphasis on creating spaces that inspire healthy eating habits is a growing trend.

Elements such as natural light, amplitude, appliances and comfort don’t just make your home look good – they also help you build a lifestyle centered around nutritious and enjoyable culinary experiences.

Vista Home Kitchen

Vista Home at Gregal

Location Matters: Wellness and the Surrounding Environment

Selecting the right location for your home is about more than just looks; it directly affects your overall wellness. In Costa Rica, the different climates give you a special advantage. Where you choose to live can open up opportunities for all kinds of outdoor activities, from hiking in lush forests to enjoying water sports by beautiful coastlines. Additionally, being close to local markets with organic, local foods can revolutionize your dietary choices.

Choosing an area where it’s possible to own your garden also allows this, bringing the possibility to grow your food. Embracing a lifestyle that integrates exercise with accessibility to fresh, nutritious foods becomes within reach when your home is strategically placed within a region like Costa Rica.

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