For people with a taste for highrise living and spectacular views, penthouses in Costa Rica offer a wide variety of perks with a growing variety of location and styles in and around the capital city of San José.

As the definition of Penthouse evolves it is still generally associated with luxury and “best-in-building”. Whether they are brand new or renovated, this type of property is usually the shining jewel in vertical projects and condominiums.

Calling an apartment a penthouse is just shorthand for making its first-in-class status clear without necessarily referring to the top-most unit in a building. Some buildings, especially in Costa Rica where nature and mountain settings abound, there are equally impressive Garden Penthouses on key levels with their own private gardens.


Open areas and clean design in a brand new mountainside city setting.

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Every penthouse is unique within a market so there’s no clear-cut way to figure these properties. However, there are a couple of general rules to keep in mind when thinking about penthouses in Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, the areas of La Sabana on the west side of San José, Rohrmoser, Escazú, and even the eastern parts of Amón, San Pedro and the new projects in Curridabat offer a variety of penthouse options.

“The idea of a best-in-building unit still resonates with luxury buyers. In Costa Rica the concept isn’t limited only to the top floor, it also includes sought after garden penthouses on lower levels and in exclusive locations throughout the city.”

Vicki Klunk, Costa Rica Luxury Property Specialist

The first and most important feature to evaluate your penthouse preference is the layout and distribution, carefully suited for the best views and optimal spaces for your style.

Unlike a regular unit, the ceiling height in a penthouse is typically higher and the unit offers additional details that make it special, but you should carefully consider the ideal layout to height ratio to make sure the spaces offer the ambiance you need for entertaining, sharing, and family living. A penthouse usually makes up an entire floor, or two, making the space to build a very comfortable life. Lately the most common features include integrated balconies and gardens, lavish bathrooms, game rooms and creative entertainment spaces.

The New Penthouse @ Escazú

Penthouse apartments are luxury units. Therefore, they usually offer the very best view in the building. The Scenic Penthouse in Escazú is a great example because it offers not just one but rather multiple balconies and plenty of natural light and ventilation that add a fresh feel throughout.

Penthouses were launched in New York between the 20s and 30s. Originally they were designed to make use of the space on the top floor and enjoy the views. They quickly became a trend in the upper class of the moment so now they are a trademark of luxury, not just in large densely populated cities, but also in the spreading urban landscape of Costa Rica’s Central Vally and some of the most concentrated beach areas.

Penthouses in Costa Rica - Escazú view

Details are everything. The interior of a penthouse is carefully designed. As a result, the space of every room easily fits the needs and preferences of the owner.

The kitchen, for example, has gone through important transformations to give a high quality life style. In this article, Christopher Charnaud explains that luxury kitchen appliances and tools are the new protagonist of luxury homes. But, like kitchen spaces, there are other important aspects to consider in every apartment and penthouse. The unique layouts, the security, private entrance, the master bedroom design and the large windows to name a few.

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