Costa Rica is a popular destination for those seeking a tropical paradise. And, for many of these upscale homeowners, pets are an integral part of their lifestyle. It’s not uncommon to find high-end properties in Costa Rica designed with pets in mind, featuring spacious yards and pet-friendly amenities. From exotic parrots to designer dogs, pets have become a status symbol among the affluent in Costa Rica.

Having a pet often means making many adjustments to daily life and throughout the home. What happens when a pet’s living standards are meant to match your lifestyle? What options exist for adapting our fast-paced world to a pet-friendly Costa Rican scene? Let’s explore how homes can be adapted to give our pets the best life they deserve.

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Pets at Home in Costa Rica

pet friendly high-end homes in Costa Rica

Costa Rican homes are becoming more and more pet-friendly by the day, something shown both in their internal and external areas. One popular trend among high-end homeowners in Costa Rica is creating elaborate pet spaces within their homes.

This includes custom-built dog houses, cat trees, and even indoor pet spas. Some even provide separate rooms designed specifically for pets, complete with heated floors and ventilation systems. These pet spaces are not only functional but also serve as a testament to the homeowner’s love for their furry friends and other pets.

Another trend in the Costa Rican prestigious pet scene is pet-friendly outdoor areas. These can include private dog parks, ponds, and even hiking trails. Homeowners will often invest in landscaping and fencing to ensure their pets have a safe and comfortable environment to play in. It’s not uncommon to see pets playing alongside their owners in these outdoor spaces.

“Costa Rica’s natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle offer the perfect setting for pet owners. The bond between owners and their pets is especially strong at home, where animals are treated like family members and given the utmost care and attention.”

Vicki KlunkVicki Klunk, Luxury Specialist, LX Costa Rica

Global Pet Features in High-End Homes

Dog and pet in Luxury Home

In today’s world, it’s not strange to see families who truly want to give their pets the best life possible, and this can mean transforming their house. Many homes now feature built-in feeding stations, pet doors, and even elevators specifically designed for pets. These amenities not only make life easier for pet owners but also add to the overall sophistication of the property. Let’s take a look into different tendencies that high-end homes worldwide are implementing to be magnificently pet-friendly.

Pet Windows

Pet windows

Image via CBS News

Lots of houses have glass windows above their main entrance doors, which allows people to take a peek outside before opening the door. However, nowadays, there is a trend of installing similar windows on the ground level as well. This is primarily done to provide pets with the same benefit of being able to see the outside world, or simply to enjoy the outside view themselves.

Cat Playgrounds

Cats love to play, and why settle with a small toy if you can build them a castle? Cat playgrounds can take the form of anything you’d like. Constructed personal spaces for pets in general, with different add-ons according to their needs, are becoming popular and even recommended. These create a safe area where they can feel comfortable, usually including an appropriate bed or pillow.

Pet Feeders and Smart Tech

Pet-friendly high-end homes in Costa Rica

Image via The Spruce Pets

Pet owners are increasingly looking for ways to integrate technology into their homes to make pet care more convenient. One trend that has emerged is the use of built-in feeding stations that incorporate smart technology. These feeding stations can be designed to blend in with the décor of the home and provide a designated space for pets to eat. Smart technology can be integrated into the feeding stations to allow pet owners to manage feeding times and portion sizes remotely.

Pet Cameras

Pet cameras are becoming an increasingly popular addition to pet-focused homes. These cameras allow pet owners to check on their pets when they’re away from home and provide peace of mind knowing that their pets are safe and comfortable. Some cameras even offer two-way audio and video, allowing owners to interact with their pets remotely. This way, owners can stay connected with their pets and ensure their well-being even when they are not at home.

Pet-friendly high-end homes in Costa Rica

Image via Mashable

Pet Spas

Pet-friendly high-end homes in Costa Rica

Image via Rent.

More and more high-end apartment complexes are including in their shared amenities not only dog parks but also pet spas. The Camden in Los Angeles is an exceptional pet-friendly community, featured on the left. In Costa Rica, high-end homes can include a custom-designed pet area, or they enjoy the amenities of their residential community including dog parks with water features.

Equestrian Companions: Horses at Home in Costa Rica

Equine Sunset

Horses can make great companions and help encourage owners to spend more time away from everyday stresses. The bond between horses and their riders or owners goes well beyond the practical aspects. In addition to the joy of horseback riding, owning horses can also provide a sense of connection to nature and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Horse owners often spend time caring for and training their animals, which can be a rewarding experience. The large spaces that the outskirts of a city like San José offers can also open up the possibility of having certain types of pets that wouldn’t be able to live in more limited types of environments.

When it comes to luxury homes designed for horse enthusiasts, the amenities can be quite extravagant. More than just pets, equine companions also enjoy custom features at many high-end homes in Costa Rica, including state-of-the-art stables with climate control, padded flooring and video surveillance.  They also include custom riding arenas for both the horse and spectators, and specialty grooming and services for relaxation, horse therapy, or even veterinary facilities on the property.

Owning horses is a popular choice among those who enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of Costa Rica’s natural environment. The country’s warm climate and lush landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for horseback riding, which is a popular activity for locals as a traditional activity and visitors alike.

Many outstanding equestrian homes and properties in Costa Rica offer stables and riding arenas, such as Equine Sunset in La Guácima or Friesian Villa in Escazú, allowing horse owners to keep their animals close at hand. Overall, caring for horses as pets at home is a great enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica’s natural environment and live a fulfilling lifestyle that revolves around outdoor activities and animal companionship.

Read more about Equine Passion & Real Estate with Juliane Maurach, an LX Costa Rica Horse & Luxury Specialist.

Pet-Friendly City Life in Costa Rica

pet friendly high-end homes in Costa Rica

Pet owning in San José and other cities comes with many ups and downs. While many services and products can be in close proximity to your home, not every house is pet-friendly for many reasons. Many factors must be considered, including having enough space for your pet and appropriate surroundings to take them outside. Fortunately, many new living options in the city are beginning to implement outstanding amenities to make pet-owning easier, and urban pet-friendly towers are booming at the moment. The Metropolitan Tower in La Sabana, San José is a superb example of this. This vertical condominium holds a community that doesn’t only openly accept pets in the building but also ensures a prime location for pet walking, only minutes away from La Sabana, Costa Rica’s largest and most important urban park.

Parkside Symphony apartment is an example of a high-end residence in a pet-friendly Metropolitan Tower. Living facilities such as this one think about everything for a pet-friendly Costa Rican city experience so you don’t have to!

Costa Rican Pet-Friendly Suburban Life

Image via Freepik

Let’s jump to a completely different lifestyle- living in the suburbs. Goodbye to annoying city sounds, and hello to more space for yourself and your pet. Apart from the fact that suburban houses usually provide more room by themselves, a gated suburban community can also mean having a large area where you can walk your pets in a secure environment.

However, residential communities have not stayed behind in the pet-friendly Costa Rican boom. Some of the most sought-after ones have also begun to include amenities such as dog parks. Hacienda Espinal is an exceptional gated community in Alajuela that has implemented this feature inside its premises, dedicating a place of its own to all its furry residents. Solaris is yet another superb example of this, providing not only a dog park with pet waste stations, but many walking paths to exercise with your best friend in a suburban vertical lifestyle.

Hacienda Espinal offers plenty of green outdoor space and lanes to take pets on walks. It even has its own dog park for them to interact, make friends, and have some fun!

There’s options for every type of animal lover out there.

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