Hola! This is Angie from LX Costa Rica Nosara and today we’re going to talk about some property management services that are offered in this area.
In a tourist area like Nosara, property management services are very important mainly because a lot of the people that want to invest in homes here want to use them for part of the year and then rent them out for the rest of the time. Therefore, property managers offer services both for clients that live here full-time and just need some help managing their homes, and for clients who want to rent out their homes when they’re not here.
Property management services go from simply maintenance housekeeping and gardening to more exclusive and specific services like managing Airbnb reservations, promoting properties on their website and even offering in-house services such as private chefs, nannies, massages, and anything that you want yourself.

Property Management Services in Nosara

Property management services play a crucial role when it comes to home-owning in a tourist area. Nosara is no exception to this, being the coastal nature hub that it is. Property owners in the area comprise beach lovers who stay in the area year-round, others who see their home as a rental investment, and the ones who decide to do both. Whichever your case may be, all of these profiles can find property management options that suit their every need!
Renting in such a sought-after vacation spot like Nosara can become an amazing business opportunity. However, it involves a whole lot of logistics that you may not want to be around for. If this is your case, services such as Airbnb management, property promotion, and housekeeping might be for you. Daily security options are also available. Clients looking for an ultimate vacation experience might request exclusive utilities like private chefs, nannies, and massages.
Security and housekeeping options might also be useful for those who choose to make Nosara their full-time home. With Nosara’s strong weather conditions, a bit of gardening help never hurts. Regular electric and structural maintenance also ensures a carefree day-to-day to enjoy your coastal lifestyle. Options are truly boundless when it comes to property management services in Nosara! Contact LX Specialist Angie Miranda for more information.

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