The LX team recently partnered to bring some of Costa Rica’s exciting and homegrown cacao products to the LeadingRE network. We’re active members of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World which strengthens our business beyond just the successful real estate transactions we enjoy in Costa Rica. So, we decided to promote Enrique and Sylvia’s business -and ours- by sharing the story of their unique cacao and our joint real estate efforts… a positive story from the heart of Costa Rica. 


Blue Zone Realty International, our partner company in Uvita, Dominical, and Costa Rica’s southern Pacific Coast introduced us to this wonderful family business.

Enrique Murillo has lived in Uvita for 21 years.  He’s been married 13 very happy years with Sylvia Beita, also visible in the picture with their son. Sylvia is 100% indian from the tribe Cabécar de Ujarrás. This is in the southern area of Costa Rica.

Enrique and Sylvia have handled cacao for 5 years as a family business. This was Sylvia’s idea.


Sylvia taught Enrique about cacao. As a Cabécar tribe member, she grew up working the land and knowing how to cultivate, harvest, cure, and grind… all without machines. Grown in land that has never seen even fertilizer.

Their process is 100% natural artisan craft – pure locally produced cacao with a heart. 


Sylvia and Enrique sell their exclusive garapiñado (cacao beans dusted with dulce – see picture below) locally, but they are growing their business to cater to a more global client base that appreciates the fine quality of their garapiñado. This is the product we decided to co-brand and share with the LeadingRE network.


We learned from Enrique and Sylvia’s commitment, teamwork, and passion for great product and service. Simple, efficient, and with great results.

We support Enrique, Sylvia, and other local families by referring their business, just like we do with our own real estate efforts. Within Costa Rica we prefer local purchases whenever possible, support philanthropic and relief efforts in different parts of the country, and make sure we’re a positive and productive force – both locally and globally.

–> Read more about the LX community efforts, including an LX microlending team on KIVA and our work with Habitat for Humanity. 

The LX team collaborates with caring families and individuals, volunteers, and local and global organizations to create a positive impact in our community. We believe in the need to balance our exceptional lives with a commitment to contributing to our social fabric.
We are convinced that entrepreneurial opportunity together with permanent and adequate housing is a platform through which individual lives and entire communities can grow with more hope and opportunity.


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