Home seems to take on a new meaning after a few weeks or months of living 24/7 in the same space. This makes you rethink what you want your surroundings to be. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a large independent estate or a small luxury apartment, our perception of HOME is shifting towards the basics, and this is perhaps long overdue… 

People are spending more time at home and TRULY living their homes. When you’re not traveling often or engaged in a daily routine outside the home, at the office or gym, you suddenly pay more attention to the details around the house. And now that you share the different areas of home only with family or limited staff, the makeup of the home and its meaning, seems even more important.

Truly living your home means the areas you really enjoy are even more evident and the parts you don’t can become a relevant stress factor.  Home is still the place where you live and share, especially as part of a family, but perhaps you’ve realized this has greater meaning than you considered before. It’s time to re-evaluate.

Reassessing home needs for the future.

This is a great time to look inwards.  Live your home.  And then consider the options for the future.  Think about adapting to your new reality and what your family truly appreciates.

Which areas of the house are you really using and enjoying?
What do you miss at home that you wish you’d thought of earlier?
Is your home the right fit for this stage or do you need to go bigger, smaller, more open?

Meaning of home

“Suddenly, some things at home seem off, but others feel just right. It’s going to create a significant change in the way clients evaluate and choose their next home…”

Clari Vega – Managing Partner at LX

Choices can get more complicated with more options, but drastic change has a way of reshuffling our priorities. Writing down your ideas during times of change will help you move forward when the time is right.

Bigger. Simpler. Better. Safer.

Many of our recent conversations with clients point in two seemingly opposite directions: simplify and expand

On the one hand, many clients yearn for a less complicated luxury home with reduced staff or fewer maintenance requirements.  Perhaps this was a latent feeling but it’s certainly coming out now that internal and external services can be a challenge.  Running the logistics of home can drain significant energy even when you can hire all the help you think you need.

Other clients are talking about bigger or more isolated properties.  They want luxury homes with less reliance on outside systems and properties that encourage wellness and offer more facilities at home. Extensive gardens and open areas that blend with the home seem like a better idea when you have to stay home.  Suddenly that second kitchen, a private movie theater, or full gym at home seem like a good idea. Or maybe it’s time to go all out with a standalone private oasis, an isolated home with it’s own energy and water sources.

Prioritize and enjoy the details to give meaning to your home.

It’s the perfect time to experience the details at home and take note. Whether it’s a plant in the backyard, your dog’s favorite rug, your favorite coffee spot on the balcony, or that special tint on the living room wall… the details can make or break your idea of home.

At LX we’re rethinking the small details that turn a grand home into an extraordinary property. We believe luxury is in the details, and this is the perfect time to appreciate them and find those small elements that turn a great space into the home we want.  Prioritize and adapt.

-How are you enjoying home?-

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