Moving to a coastal area in Costa Rica can be an enriching experience for the entire family. Nosara, for instance, is a beautiful beach town in the heart of Guanacaste, emerging as a popular destination for families. However, relocating to this area may raise concerns, especially when it comes to children’s education. Angie Miranda, LX specialist and Nosara resident for 15+ years, guides us through an overview of schools in Nosara.

Nosara hasn’t just been a place to live for my kids, it’s been a transformation. Daily beach visits, surfing lessons, and being surrounded by nature – it’s infused our family life with something truly special. But to achieve the perfect Nosara balance, finding the right school is key. It’s the missing piece that allows them to thrive while embracing the magic of this place.

Angie MirandaAngie Miranda, LX Costa Rica
Schools in Nosara


Del Mar Academy is the only private high school in the area, located between Playa Pelada and Nosara. Ranging from preschool to grade 12, all student graduates conclude their education with the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB). Del Mar has a beautiful infrastructure, with a soccer field, pool, climbing wall and more. Its curriculum is known for its mostly English use, and its highly international community.

At Del Mar Academy, educational programs for the youngest students are based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy and methods. For older students in grades 11 and 12, DMA offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Middle schoolers will receive an educational program designed as a bridge between the two, based on constructivist principles of teaching and learning.

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Elimar School in Nosara is an elementary Montessori institution focused on bilingual education in English and Spanish. With small groups following the Costa Rican MEP education program, Elimar School is characterized by its individualized attention toward students through positive discipline. It is home to a fully equipped infrastructure, offering a soccer field, swimming pool, library, audiovisual and computer room, spacious green areas, vegetable garden, and more.

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Casa de las Estrellas is a Waldorf-inspired, nonprofit elementary school, that takes in pupils from preschool to grade six. Located in Garza, it provides a developmentally appropriate, vocational curriculum that fuses art and academia, and encourages a balance of cognitive development, emotional intelligence, and physical activity.

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With a mixed-age classroom, a family feeling is created, where children learn from one another. Children learn a variety of topics through movement, academic knowledge, and a close relationship with nature geared towards stimulating their curiosity and imagination. Some practical activities they learn are sewing, gardening, knitting, cooking, cleaning and woodworking.


Miss Carrie’s Playhouse is a homeschool ranging from 1st to 9th grade. It is all about arts, theater, and above all, play and adventure. While Nosara Play House still places significant emphasis on academic learning, the curriculum is intertwined with vocational activities such as hiking, waterfall trips, magical mystery tours, the occasional fiesta, and drama. The institution uses Theater in Education as a central tool in their student’s experience, integrating both Montessori and Waldorf principles.

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Miss Carrie’s is one of many homeschools available around Nosara. These open an alternative option to traditional education, many even offering American programs all up to high school.


There’s a large selection of public elementary schools near Nosara, including Escuela Serapio López, Escuela Santa Marta, Escuela Santa Teresita, and Escuela Esperanza. Additionally, there is one public High School available in the area: Bocas de Nosara.

Although these schools follow the public MEP Costa Rican educational program, they don’t always meet every family’s needs. Therefore, our team recommends to explore the different options offered in Nosara and contrast them with your family’s priorities before making a decision for your children.

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