The history of SARCO Architects goes back to Roderick Anderson, a second-generation architect whose father was the original founder of the firm. He worked for many years on luxury residential design and construction for local clients in Costa Rica.

When Roderick Anderson was at the young age of 22 and hadn’t completed architecture school, his dad unfortunately passed away. The company fell in his lap and he continued working on projects that were ongoing, in construction, designs and started seeking new business opportunities.

It was a trial by fire experience that taught him produced an incredible amount of track record. The firm has grown from those early days when he took over the firm and its reduced number of staff.

Now, SARCO Architects is a medium-sized office or small-sized boutique.

The firm does not believe in growing to a large number of staff that will make them lose the personalized service and touch that distinguishes them from others.

They rather have less projects of a higher quality and maintain the better and personalized attention they currently offer their clients.

There is always a good story behind the foundations of the companies, and the history of SARCO Architects is a very special one, because it remembers us that we can always find something positive out of a bad or sad situation.

General content provided by Roderick Anderson in Sarco Architects, Costa Rica.

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