María Galera is the executive director of Gaviota Simbac Costa Rica. Gaviota Simbac is mainly a developer and manufacturer of solar protection products.

Solar protection in a house encompasses all types of enclosures in a house, from the windows, the doors, the lattice and all the products that can make a building more energy efficient.

A distinctive factor is that Gaviota develops its own products from innovation and development. In addition to manufacturing their own products, they never outsource any service and do not hire labor either.

Gaviota Simbac Costa Rica has its own facilities for tests and certifications where the products are verified and confirm they work flawlessly how they are meant to.

The customer who searches for them will always be a specialist, someone who knows what the local and global market offers and that knows what are the opportunities in this specific area.

General content provided by María Galera in Gaviota, Costa Rica.

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