The main tools to know in architectural services are several, but, the very first tool you need to know about today’s architectural services is also the most important one: BIM.


BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. Most architects continue to work with yesterday’s tools and with two-dimensional drawings that are prone to interpretation. The loss of information, or lack of, is truly unimaginable.

However, when working in Building Information Modelling and on the tools of an expert that is also a professional in construction, the level of detail and of analysis achieved is far better and more complete than an ordinary one.



The problem solution that goes into the design is completely different and you as a client will be enjoying a new experience with visuals that will let you actually understand and imagine the house you are being presented.


So, when you finally decide to build your dream house, remember that the main tools in architectural services exist, but it is always highly recommended to have a company to trust and that will give you the best advices to build your house.


General content provided by Roderick Anderson in Sarco Architects, Costa Rica.

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