The window opening system refers to the ways in which the customer wants his window to move. Normally in Costa Rica the typical slide has been installed, but this style has many limitations. For example, in a high setting it will emit noise and vibration and at home you will always see its vertical profile.

There are other opening systems such as folding or simply doors that hide behind a partition made from the beginning of the construction of the house.

Gaviota also develops the glass curtain where the vertical profile disappears, leaving only the horizontal profiles giving a wonderful and clear view.

Gaviota offers another window opening system such as the sliding or folding opening, which opens forwards or backwards, or the tilt-and-turn opening that exists in few buildings in Costa Rica but that offers an excellent option because it gives clients the option to let air in.

There are other more complex ones such as folding with sliding or sliding tilt-and-turn openings that have not yet been installed in the market.






General content provided by María Galera in Gaviota, Costa Rica.

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