Luxury is an elusive concept.  It’s often associated with a price point but at LX we believe it’s an enhanced experience immersed in detail.

A luxury home entails characteristics that make it belong to a select group in real estate terms. In general terms, for a home to be considered a luxury home it must belong to the top 10% of properties in the local market. However, in the Costa Rica real estate market we focus on the top 0.5%, the truly extraordinary homes that incorporate significant thought and care in architecture, design and finishes.

Luxury home - Joan


“We consider the luxury home a laboratory that paves the way for residential construction in the future.” – Joan Puigcorbé



Architect Joan Puigcorbé explained in an interview that luxury homes generate a greater impact than other houses. They are a good canvas to explore and build the trends and strategies that can later be applied to lower cost homes.


The first (and for some arguably most important) characteristic for a house to be considered luxury is it must have a carefully selected location that suits the requirements for extraordinary living. A private property, spacious and full of comforts is the key to a life of exclusivity according to many. Yet, for some luxury homeowners it’s all about ease of access, simplicity.

Whether it is a house in the middle of the city, overlooking the sea or in the middle of the forest, the location must simultaneously offer privacy and options for comfortable living to match the lifestyle.

Magnum Estate: Expansive views from a private hilltop location can make the difference

Design and finishes

One of the most prevalent features embodied in today’s luxury home is intentional design. The kind of design that incorporates experience, conscious taste, and significant thought and discussion pertaining not only to the physical elements but also the emotional and lifestyle characteristics.

Luxury design typically involves a whole team of professionals well beyond interior design and architecture, with specialties ranging from air and ventilation to materials design, water experts, acoustic specialists, biophilic gurus, and perhaps even a spiritual or energy consultant.

Building materials and finishes are typically above average, but more than that they are a great match for the overall experience. Marble, exotic woods, Venetian plaster, specialty glass, and others are quite common in luxury homes, but the right choice is more important than the rarity or cost.

Luxury homes - MARE


“Simplicity begets elegance. Beauty can be found in pure simplicity and that makes a world of difference.” -María Del Mar Echeverría



For María del Mar Echevería, luxury products and brands, like food, don’t require too many condiments.

Some luxury homes are designed by famous architects and renowned designers, adding exclusivity to the home. A grand area or spacious and perfectly designed facade might be the hallmark of luxury, but luxury is in the details as is often mentioned, so the finishes and design must flow with purpose through each area of the home.

Luxury Home Villa Varensa
Villa Varensa Escazú, a great example of exclusive design conceptualized by Architect Tomás Aguilar

Integrated Technology

A modern luxury home is often complemented with systems, equipment and appliances connected to the network and managed remotely and automatically. Some smart technologies include motion sensor lighting, internet-connected security cameras, automatically adjustable thermostats, and more.

Smart technologies remain at the top of the real estate market and that is why luxury homeowners are increasingly looking for houses that are adapted to these facilities. Whether it be the automatic curtains or smart mood-setting for the living room, it’s all part of crafting an experience that transforms a space into a luxury experience.


Luxury home technology
Location and technology make the difference at Casa de la Loma Cerro Alto

Extra Comforts

For some, a luxury home is simple elegance a-la-Marie-Condo, with extreme care and detail in as few things as possible. For other’s, the luxury home offers comfort and extravagant design to fulfill even the most unimaginable request.

A luxury home does more than just cover the basic needs of its owners. The luxury home offers endless possiblities…

  • An enclave of complete digital and physical security
  • Endless pools that blend with the surroundings
  • Resort-style spa and gym for personal care
  • Perfectly designed kitchens for indoor and outdoor sharing
  • In-home libraries and conference-style office space
  • Two- or three-level walk-in closets with rotating displays for dresses and shoes
  • Entertainment areas with indoor basketball and 3D experience home movie theaters

Today’s luxury home is about the perfect fit for an extraordinary life, whatever you choose it to be.

Luxury home - experience the details

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