“Zen” is a term that originates from Buddhist tradition and refers to a state of tranquility, serenity, and mindfulness. It is associated with meditation and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. However, the term “zen” has surpassed its origin and is now used to convey the idea of inner peace, equilibrium, and a connection with the present moment.

Many who pursue this lifestyle find architecture important in portraying an environment that fosters calmness and contemplation. This portrayal often features clean lines, neutral colors, and a sense of balance.

Casa Zen in Santa Ana exemplifies a superb house that employs architecture to pursue simplicity and harmony. This pursuit is evident not only within its walls but also more prominently in its exterior. With its integrated vegetation, heated swimming pool and outdoor living areas, Casa Zen offers a backyard oasis in Santa Ana.

Casa Zen shapes itself to surround its exterior, positioning it as the centerpiece of the home. Its main element, a heated swimming pool, offers a special UV treatment that generates a well-balanced water feature. However, the swimming pool doesn’t stand alone; its large deck and terrace complete this backyard oasis in Santa Ana.

Outdoor living areas encourage a sense of connection, both individually and communally. Not only does the backyard include areas of solitary meditation, but also spaces perfect for sharing, like the fire pit and outdoor dining area. Casa Zen’s backyard transforms into an exceptional private oasis for serenity in the heart of Santa Ana.

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