It’s all about the experience and details… Sitting on a private custom-design courtyard with a serene ambiance is the ultimate dream. Outdoor spaces are a key differentiator, and when it comes to lush grounds & gardens, taking advantage of textures, colors and scents can take a property to the next level. Thoughtful and classic design on a luxury property creates a beautiful setting with majestic garden views and spectacular landscaping.

Lush grounds & gardens at Majestic Estate in Escazú make this property a true oasis. The classic-design property offers everything you need to live quietly and surrounded by nature, but in the heart of Costa Rica’s capital city.

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lush grounds & gardens

“The bright green of a healthy lawn, the golden light of the sunset that filters through the lush foliage of the trees and the silence of the morning drinking coffee with the garden breeze is an unforgettable and cozy experience that only a few properties can offer.”

Clari Vega, Managing Partner & Luxury Specialist

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