Tere Silva is an LX agent, based in the eastern part of Costa Rica’s capital city. In this full interview, Tere shares her insights about local market dynamics, life as a real estate agent, and trends in luxury home gardens and outdoor spaces.

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luxury home gardens

“The market is stable and with a low profile. However, it is very dynamic, with interesting projects being developed. It turns out to be very organized and focused on sustainable development.” 

Tere Silva , LX Agent & Luxury Specialist

The weather, the foliage, and the open layouts are a trademark of the luxury market on the Central Valley’s eastern side. The freshness and climatic conditions of the area allow for healthy growth and easy maintenance throughout the year.

Luxury home gardens are a complete and welcoming sensory experience that blends luxury and simplicity.  Large leisure areas are becoming more and more important, making garden residences sought-after favorites. Large spaces, full of color, scent and texture take any property to the next level, perhaps even changing the meaning of home.

luxury home gardens

Life flows to the outside, which is why there is a clear buyer preference for sustainable materials, neutral color palettes and a style of belonging in these spaces is increasing.

The stimulation of the senses plays a key role in the designs that are brought to reality, providing outdoor spaces based on the taste and personality of each owner.

Personal balance

Tere’s comprehensive growth in each area of life is equally important. Achieving balance between work life, family and personal time is what keeps Tere motivated and succesful.

The real estate market is constant and has trends that evolve over time. Understanding how each part of a house can be stimulating for each member of the family is an art that consultants must master.

See the full interview and learn more about Tere as a Luxury Real Estate Specialist.

Video Interview

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