Private swimming pools in Costa Rica are often the ultimate escape for anyone searching for a unique living experience in the country. From children or families looking for a fun splash to others searching for an exclusive party essential, a nicely designed at-home pool is sure to turn your Costa Rican home into a private oasis.

Imagine waking up to nature in beautiful Costa Rica, and taking a swim without leaving your home- this is sure to have many benefits, and they go beyond the entertainment side.

What are the different tendencies in home swimming pools in Costa Rica at the moment? What design considerations should be taken into account to maximize their comfort? Learn all about pools and lifestyle in Costa Rica and even take a look at some of the most beautiful luxury pool houses in the country.

Benefits of a Private Pool in Costa Rica

Pools in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is said to have the best climate in the world, located near the equator, where there are no hard winters or intolerable summers. Despite our distinguished “aguaceros”, Costa Rica’s sun-kissed mountains and shores are a characteristic of the country- and many of its warmest zones are home to high-end living zones. Escazú, Santa Ana, and most Pacific coasts are just a few examples of these communities.

This weather tends to get humid, making the heat feel higher. Having the possibility to get refreshed at any time is an amazing plus for living in this tropical country, which is one of the reasons why swimming pools in Costa Rica are a great addition to a home.

Fitness and relaxation in one- no transfer needed

Pools in Costa Rica
Casa Essentia in Villa Real

Pools are a great tool for physical and mental health. The zero-impact swimming activity is said to be one of the healthiest to pursue, and there’s no questioning their relaxation effect. Adding a jacuzzi section can even increase these positive effects. From lone floating sessions to being the centerpiece at a party, pools can be used in uncountable ways to make them worthwhile- not to mention the lack of transportation needed to get to them if they’re in your backyard!

Increase the value of your home

Who would’ve thought a pool could even bring economic benefits to a household? Its been found that a pool could potentially increase the value of a property by a range of approximately 5 to 7% If you are a home investor or simply believe you’d like to sell the home you are buying in the future, this could be a great way to increase your return on investment.

Design Considerations for Pools in Costa Rica

Terraces and more

Adding a terrace, deck, or even private clubhouse to a home simply tops it off. It opens up the opportunity to have two spaces of preference for a group of people who want to interact but are in a different moods. It allows the most comfortable breaks to rest from a nice swim. A good construction for this purpose can be a great addition to at-home pools in Costa Rica!

To cover or not to cover?

Choosing whether to build an indoor or outdoor pool is an important decision to make. Sure, building an extra roof can mean more initial investment and less proximity to nature, but it can also bring several benefits. For one, it can provide privacy to its fullest, granting superior control over temperature. An indoor pool is less likely to get easily dirty, and could even increase the value of your property even more.

Learn more about indoor design: Interior Design with Tanzi Design


Heating is a great way to give your pool an exclusive touch. It truly makes a huge difference, making a swimming experience so much more comfortable and enjoyable. The great news is that today’s technology makes it possible and accesible to install ecologically produced energy sources for this purpose, solar panels being one of the most common. This allows to acquire this pool gadget in an eco-friendly way.

Heating Pools

Tendencies for at-home pools in Costa Rica

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools in Costa Rica seem to be a must nowadays, and it’s no coincidence. Infinity pools are designed so the end of a pool can blend into its surroundings through its infinite-looking edge. Views are magnified without a doubt with one set in a strategic location, and Costa Rica has uncountable spots.

Casa Essentia in Villa Real

Custom Pools

Building a custom pool in Costa Rica instead of installing a pre-fabricated one gives your house its own personal touch. You can be in charge of the features, which means you can make the best out of the space your specific property has. Being in control means you guide the direction of the project, and can make decisions to stay within a particular budget.

A custom pool will most definitely become the centerpiece of your backyard. Read more about how to make the best of your surrounding yard: Garden Trends in Costa Rica with Tere Silva

Chlorine or salt pool in Costa Rica?

Both chlorine and salt are effective ways to sanitize your pool and the best pools in Costa Rica can use either. They both have their pros and cons- while saltwater operations are cheaper and gentler for the skin, they can also cause erosion. All of these characteristics should be studied before deciding on which method to use.

Best Options for Homes with Pools in Costa Rica

In the City Mountains- The Magnum Estate

The Magnum Estate is a magnificent hilltop estate in Villa Real, an exclusive community located in the mountains between Escazú and Santa Ana. The centerpiece of this stunning home is a resort-style swimming pool, one of the best pools in Costa Rica, featuring rock detailing, water streams for children and even a waterfall. The pool is integrated to a wet bar and overlooks panoramic views of the city. A covered terrace and a fire-pit beside a refreshing koi fishpond complement this wonderful area- how’s this for a custom pool?

At the Beach- Seagambler and Oceana

Seagambler Home presents a picturesque design right out of a fairy tale. Its 25 meter lap pool makes it a perfect retreat to rest but also exercise privately in the heart of Guiones.

If you’re looking for a more modern take on a beach home with a refreshing pool, Oceana Oceanview Home might be the one for you. Although not a semi-olympic one, it’s perfect for a splash under the Ostional heat. Its jacuzzi gives it the final touch to meet all ages’ preferences.

City Life- The Highpoint in Cerro Alto

The community of Cerro Alto in Escazú offers several pools to its neighbors, including a heated lap pool, a heated recreational pool in its main clubhouse, and an extra one featured in a smaller clubhouse. The Highpoint has the particular benefit of also having a private 15m infinity pool with a deck, lounge area, and panoramic views- what else could you ask for when it comes to at-home pools in Costa Rica?

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