The importance of remodeling in the real estate world cannot be underestimated. This can offer the possibility of giving a new twist to a space of great value, resulting in an exquisite combination of a classic and modern air. In our interview with Disegno Casa, lead by LX Agent Melissa Lacayo, its representative Karina Uriarte mentioned how luxury home remodeling and selling go hand in hand, and how if done correctly, a property value can significantly increase.

Personalization. In order to achieve a successful luxury home remodeling, it is essential that the design is customized according to the needs of what is being sought, ensuring that it becomes a representation of the owner’s tastes and desires. In addition, it is important to understand the available budget, so that the design adapts to it, and not only focuses on the visual part of the design, but also on the functionality of the space in order to give it a new life.

Choosing the right color palette. Karina emphasizes the importance of choosing the right color palette when starting a project to remodel and sell houses. A well-designed color scheme can completely transform a space and the way it is perceived. By choosing the right colors, you can achieve an airy effect in small rooms, make spaces appear brighter, or create a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere. Thus, it can be guaranteed that the remodeling of space is attractive and practical, something that will undoubtedly increase the value of the property.

We have many clients who buy a property that already exists. We have done a lot of remodeling- there are people who want to facelift what they already have that is a bit outdated and perhaps be able to sell a property at a higher price because when you remodel bathrooms or remodel a kitchen, everything changes.

Karina Uriarte, Disegno Casa

Visualize the design. Being able to visualize how every detail of the design will look before making any decisions is an invaluable asset that allows you to make informed decisions and ensure that the final design exactly reflects your wants and needs. With the help of 3D techniques and visits to the space, it becomes possible to visualize every detail of the interior design before it is built and experience every detail of it before it is built.

Imagination to reality. Seeing how the visualization of spaces becomes a tangible reality is almost a magical experience that isn’t only exciting, but also practical, allowing customers to make design adjustments and changes without costly construction errors. Seeing the finished design makes the whole process worthwhile, and leaves first-rate results that increase the value of each space when considering a home luxury home remodeling and sale.

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