The first step of an architectural design process is the creative part that is born from the conversation with the clients about the needs and desires of the project, including basic aspects such as what they want for their home but, more importantly and above all other considerations, how they want to feel inside their house.

SARCO architects will be responsible for making sure the house transmits the feelings and essence the owners want. It is their job to turn those initial ideas into a design that embodies all of that into a physical reality.

This is achieved with a first presentation through a three-dimensional model of virtual reality images that allows customers to virtually experience and transit the initial design.

After a couple of meetings in which some refining and perfecting is done, the design process will be finally finished when the client is totally satisfied with the house of their dreams.

From there, a more technical stage will follow. The preparation and production of construction plans involves professionals from SARCO’s engineering team from different disciplines. It is a process where the client is less involved because it requieres technical and professional knowledge.

When that stage is completed, the request for building permits, approvals and others follows. Once completed, construction will soon start.

General content provided by Roderick Anderson in Sarco Architects, Costa Rica.

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