Yes, there’s a real risk.

In addition to existing LX Costa Rica guidelines, we have expanded our health and safety procedures in light of COVID-19 to reduce risk for our team, clients, vendors, and other community members. But, there’s still a risk. Please carefully consider the risks involved before agreeing to allow visitors onto your property or before participating in-person either directly or indirectly in meetings or property visits.

In most cases, you should prefer virtual visits, digital tours, online consultations and online meetings before deciding to participate in-person. LX Costa Rica has adapted our efforts to stay digitally connected and help experience the details while minimizing physical presence through online consultations, guided video tours, digital showings and in-person property visits on a limited basis.

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It’s a shared responsibility.

The current worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and related restrictions on movement and commercial operations in many communities underscores the risk associated for individuals viewing or inspecting property as well as the risk for sellers and tenants that allow prospective buyers or renters to enter property. 

As a party involved in the process you share the responsibility of health and safety not only for yourself and your family, but also for the people you engage with including the LX team, potential buyers and renters, and other community members. Direct or indirect personal contact with others, including but not limited to real estate agents, inspectors, and others associated with the sale, rental or purchase of property during this COVID-19 outbreak involves a certain degree of risk that could result in illness, permanent disability or death. 

LX Costa Rica (Grupo LX Inmobiliaria CR S.A.) and our employees, officers, agents, LX Partners, contractors and vendors take significant precaution to reduce risk, but there is still risk involved with viewing and/or inspecting the property or allowing others to enter property which you own, manage, use or occupy.

LX Costa Rica COVID-19 information center

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Please contact the LX team or your LX luxury real estate agent if you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 real estate procedures or need additional help from the LX concierge.

6 general guidelines. Follow the specific protocols for real estate activities during COVID-19, but you can start with these six principles that apply each step of the way.

LX news for COVID-19 and real estate in Costa Rica