SARCO Architects is a boutique architectural design firm, specializing in luxury and high-end projects. Based in San José, Costa Rica, this small-sized company operates globally, undertaking projects not only within the country but also across the Caribbean, neighboring Panamá, and with international clients worldwide.

We developed the SARCO System because we know that building a luxury home in Costa Rica requires a high degree of planning, cutting-edge visualization technology, and efficient communication to be successful, especially if the client is based internationally.

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The firm’s expertise lies in assisting international clients in determining the optimal approach and delivering tailored solutions for their architectural and construction requirements, specifically for their upscale vacation homes in Costa Rica or the aforementioned regions.

Beyond design, SARCO Architects specializes in tropical architecture. Building in the tropics involves a technical approach in order to make sure your home will withstand the zone’s characteristics. Through a professional team focusing on expertise, communication, and technology, SARCO ensures a smooth process to create your home.

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